May 29, 1987

beloved, repent; creature, bless Me; believe in what you ask;

(I had asked Him to forgive me my sins but I realised it came from my lips only when God said “believe in what you ask.”)

I forgive them; love Me, honouring Me; love Me, glorifying Me;

(I asked Him again and blessed Him.)

I am God, creature, be at My Stations; desire Me only at every Station; I stand at every Station; I will be at the Stations of My Cross and I want you there; I want you to kneel at My Stations;

Lord, I don’t know what You mean! What stations? 1

I will wait for you there; inspect what I demand from you, inspect;

I will purify you to enable you to be My sacrifice; desire Me, satisfy My insatiable thirst; satisfy My burning Flame of Love; satisfy Me your God; by giving Me full faith I will lift your veil entirely to see Me without constraint; surely you have heard of My beauty from others who saw Me before you? believe, believe entirely; come closer to your Father and I will lift entirely your veil; daughter, have I not brought you into My Hall?

Yes, Lord.

then have faith in Me; do not let men drive you away from Me; I have given you this gift so use it to reach Me; do not fear Love, I am Omnipotent; believe in My Omnipotence; daughter, I desired you to be in My Hall, so how much more will I not desire you to remain;

My God, maybe we’ll lose each other from my own fault.

have you forgotten our links? I am your Spouse and you are living in My House; I am feeding you; I envelop you with My Light; I watch over your frailty, I treat you like a child because of your misery, what will I not do for you! are You happy with Me, Vassula?

Yes Lord, may You be Blessed forever for it is You who gives me happiness, You are my smile.

love Me in spite of your doubts;


come, you are weak but I will strengthen you; I want you strong for My Message; 2 would you wish Me to unveil your eyes completely and see Me clearer?

I would, if it is Your wish too.

you need a few more steps towards Me, you are almost there! I will unveil your eyes and you will behold in front of you, your Saviour! five of My Wounds will be open so that you penetrate into them; I will let you taste My sorrows; I long for that moment;

fill Me with loving words; Vassula you are bonded to Me, yet, have you not felt more free? smile at Me when you feel My Presence and see Me; I am fully aware of your capacity and wisdom; I know I have with Me a nothing, a nothing at all; come, do not misunderstand Me, will I have a nothing or would I rather have a rival of some sort? I will of course choose a nothing to send on earth My words and My desires, without the slightest negation;

Lord, You have given me so much I feel very much in debt!

have you got anything to give Me, Vassula?

(I’m hesitating, what can I give?)

surely you have just a bit of something! even if you have nothing to give Me, I love you;

Maybe I have something to give You?

have you asked yourself whether I wanted it or not? I am self sufficient, I suffice by Myself;

Would You want me to give You something anyway?

I do;

But then whatever I give You will be no good in Your eyes!


Because You are Perfect.

I will receive it and even if it is evil I will turn it into good! I am Divinity;

Have I then anything good to offer You?

you have; but all that is good comes from Me; I have given it to you, everything good is from Me;

(I’m a bit disappointed, I can’t please Him.)

Then I have nothing of myself to give You.

no; I have given you all that you have and is good;

Maybe a good painting, offering it to You! 3

your paintings, Vassula? have I not bestowed upon you this gift of art? has this also not come from Me?

What then can I offer You?

love; worship Me; worship Me; offer Me your will in surrendering to Me, this is the most beautiful thing you can offer Me;

You know, Lord, that I love You, and also that I surrendered!

I enjoy hearing it, little one!

(Later on:)

(I felt suddenly His Cross on me, I thought I would never manage.)

lift! lift My Cross! strive with Me! together … together … I love you, lift My Cross! I must rest now in you;

(Later on: before meeting the charismatic group.)

will you feed My lambs? hold My Hand I will lead you, guarding you;

(That evening I smelled incense again.)

never doubt of My Presence;

(I asked Jesus to help unblind and take away the evil spirits which surround the young man who refuses to accept God. (A case known to me while in the charismatic group.))

fill Me with joy and summon Me for everything you want; Vassula remind him of His Brother; I am his Brother who loves him, who cares for him; remind him of My existence; I love him to distraction; I died for him; will you do this for Me little one? believe in My Redemptive Love;

1 We Orthodox do not say the Stations of the Cross.
2 The real apostolate had not begun.
3 My own hand-made paintings.