May 28, 1987

Lord, You want me as Your sacrifice, You said?

Vassula, yes, be My sacrifice;

My God; I really do not know quite what sacrifice could mean. It can vary, but I understand that it contains suffering of some sort. Since You ask me to be one for You let it be. But, to be a sacrifice for God, one has to have some value, to glorify God. Since I know I am a speck of dust and chosen because I’m the most wretched, what sort of decent sacrifice would I be? So even to be a sacrifice for God one has to be in a state that would honour Him, that the ‘sacrifice’ is of some sort of esteem to be able to take place and honour God. Even that, my God, I am unable to give, unless You make me decent to be Your sacrifice, and thus become valid.

Vassula, do you remember when I came and asked you to love Me? do you remember when an angel came to stir you unexpectedly? 1 that is the way I come, so be alert, do not sleep; I came to you unexpectedly and asked for love; I wished you to honour Me, I wanted to capture your love and be your Master reigning over you; I wanted you to need Me; how I yearned for your love, “loma sabachthani?” 2 I came to you, but you denied Me;

(When I knew that it was Him I did deny Him.)

Vassula, I have detached you, but I will detach you even more; have My Peace;

beloved, amend, amend, amend;
I raised you from the dead to be able to unite My Church;

(I sighed.)

let me show you the way; in spite of your doubts, I will unfold to you My Heart’s desires; never weary writing; I will work in you, lean entirely on Me;

Jesus, someone mentioned some time ago to me that you will give no more signs, You said it to the Pharisees; he said this when I said that this guidance (message) is from You.

Vassula, when I said this to the Pharisees I meant My miracles of the time I was in flesh and among them; condemning Me now, for it is to condemn My Heavenly Works, shows how arid and closed their hearts have become; My signs will never end; My Presence will be felt in the world and I will continue to show Myself in signs;

believe, believe O men of little faith, do not distort My Word, for what have you to say about Fatima; are you dreading to believe that I am the One who gave you this sign? O men of little faith, what would you not declare rather than accept that Heaven’s signs are from Me! love My Works, accept My Works; believe, believe in Me, I, who am Infinite Wealth and Mercy; My signs are so that all men see that Love has not forgotten you; Love has not withdrawn and glories in His Glory; Love is among you, never leaving you;

1 The first time my hand wrote. It was sudden.
2 Editor’s Note: Hebrew for “Why have you left me?”