March 20, 1996

(This message was received from March 20-26, 1996. The Annunciation was on March 25, 1996.)

I am your servant and I am here to serve You.
Majesty, without You I am nothing.
Pure contentment of my soul,
I am listening.

My beloved, come and learn: who has exalted Me most? I will tell you who exalted Me most: the New Eve has; yes! the Woman adorned with the sun, standing on the moon, with the twelve stars on Her Head for a crown; 1 for I who made heaven and all that is in it, and earth and all it bears and the sea and all it holds2 have placed Her above all these things; 3

the Queen of heaven is always in the presence of the Most High’s throne; no less than the height of heaven over earth is the greatness of Her Name; Her Name, wrapped in a robe of light; let the whole world bend their knee to Her who bears the Sacred Name:

Mother of God;

in her Immaculate womb She glorified Me by receiving Me, the unblemished Lamb, making a sanctuary for the Sanctuary; come and sing a new song in Her honour, let all who live on earth revere Her Immaculate Heart, the Altar in which I was conceived and became God-Man too; 4 no one glorified Me as much as the Woman adorned with the sun;

yes! She is so superbly beautiful in Her perfect Love that the islands the mountains, the hills, the valleys and the springs all bow low when She passes by them; and today as yesterday, when Most Fair Love passes over the earth, escorted by My Angels whose eyes never cease admiring the Admirable, Holiest of all Virgins, marvelling at the Beauty of My Father’s Masterpiece, when She passes over the earth, She lovingly intervenes, and answers your entreaties;

let Me tell you: My Sacred Heart is your heaven; creation, My Sacred Heart, that so many of you deny and refuse, is your Heaven; your Paradise, your Kingdom; your Inheritance, your Place-of-Rest for Eternity; so approach this Heart that loves you so and I will pour out, from My Heart, in your heart countless blessings, to turn your soul as fair as springtime, to turn your soul into an ivory tower, a heaven for Myself alone; how can anyone doubt of My Love? ah, beloved, every time you doubt of My Love, the sun darkens in My distress ….

today, I want to display, in My great Love, the Heart of My Mother, 5

6 “O Masterpiece of My Father! O Sublime Masterpiece of Yahweh! Spouse to My Holy Spirit! My Radiant Tabernacle! Your Heart, Beloved of the Beloved, 7 is One with Ours! Your Heart is My enclosed garden, a sealed fountain; your Heart is a Fountain that makes the gardens fertile; your Heart, Adorable One, is My Throne, on which I have been honoured; Heart of the Heart, whom I crowned in Our presence and in the presence of all My celestial court, 8 how can any of My creatures deny Your Heart? 9 You, the Ark of power, all vested in virtues, My New Song, 10 My Harp, My Citadel, in whom the Maker of heaven and earth is ravished by Your magnificence, You who stand in Our Presence, stand ever so close to all who invoke You; yet, how has man fallen so low and taken a deceptive path to deny Your Heart?”

have you not heard, creation, that I am the Heart of Her Heart? the Soul of Her Soul, the Spirit of Her Spirit? have you not heard that Our Two Hearts are united in One? consider My Redemptive Heart, consider Her Co-Redemptive Heart, consider the Delight of My Heart, rising like the dawn to brighten the earth in its darkness, consider the Queen’s Heart that shines on mankind brighter in Her radiance than all the constellations put together; more resplendent than the sun; radiant as My Glory because of Her unique perfection; consider the Tabernacle of your God; consider and esteem highly as I esteem My Throne;

do not ask: “how could it be that the Most High has assigned Her such a high throne in His Celestial Courts?” look, not only have I assigned Her as the Queen of My Angels and My creatures but I have assigned Her to be My Throne; the Queen of heaven and earth is the Throne of the King of kings, for I, the Lord of All, have placed Her as first in My Sacred Heart;

born to be My Crown of Splendour, born to be the Vessel of the True Light who was made flesh from David’s line, born to be My honour and My boast, the Spirit with Me and the Father said:

“Mary full of grace, We are with you; We will hide none of the secrets from You, Our Breath will be your breath, pure emanation of Our Glory, Mary, Our image of Our Goodness, We give you Our Peace in Your Heart; in this perfect Heart I, the Son, shall triumph; Our Heart will be Your Heart, a burning furnace of divine love; Our Soul will be Your Soul, 11 an august treasure, a Paradise for Us; Our Spirit will be Your Spirit; yes, for anyone who is joined to Us is one spirit with Us;”

this is the One whom We so highly favoured, the One whom so many reject and yet is the ointment of your eyes, the balm to your wounds, the merciful plea to the Eternal Father for your pleas; the intercessor and your advocate of your soul;

feeble man …. the Spouse of My Holy Spirit is the Temple of the Temple, the promised land of the weak and the wretched, the reflection of My eternal Light; the consoler of Your Consoler is the comfort of your sorrows …. what has man to say? what can man say in his tent? how can he discover anything celestial in his perishable body when his soul is weighed down by sin, what the all-powerful Hand of My Father has done? you govern your mind, man, with no light, no sense;

today, man, open your heart, then all the mysteries that appeared to you fathomless will be revealed to you by My Divine Light, thrice Holy, and you will understand who the Woman adorned with the sun is; then, your whole being will be lifted and your heart will be exulted and in rapture when your eyes will be unveiled to see the Blessed Heart of the blessed hearts, the Most Holy of saints, the Incomparable Heart, burning with unlimited love, a fire alight and so bright;

then, My friend, you will understand what Virtue is, and how in this Virtuous Virginal Heart, I, God, became God-Man; you will see the Mother of your Saviour, Mother of the prophets, Mother of the disciples, Mother of charisms, Mother of Triumph, Mother of unlimited graces, Mother of unequalled Redemption; the Vineyard of the True Vine, the Path to the Path that leads everyone to Me, the Gate wide open to heaven for everyone to enter and have everlasting life;

– have you not noticed how My Heart melts and favours always Her Heart? how can this Heart, who bore your King, be denied anything She asks from Me? all the faithful bless Her Heart for in blessing Her Heart you will be blessing Me;

Queenly and adorable you will proclaim Her once you get to know Her; so lift your eyes, creation, at the sight of Her Heart and I promise you, you will never stop growing in radiance; your heart will be lifted in to the furnace of Her Heart, and, throbbing with delight and full, you will enter Her Heart as one entering an ocean of love, since the riches of Her Heart are as wide as the Sea that flows to you and you to this Sea; the Wealth of heaven and earth lie all in Her Heart and they can be all for you!

though night still covers your mind and heart, arise! arise and lift your eyes at this radiant sight of Her Heart, that so many prophets wanted to see in their time, but had not seen It; arise and sing a new hymn to the Hymn of the Most Holy Trinity, sing and say: “brothers! sisters! come and be covered by the Mantle of Grace in Grace; come and be covered by the Queen’s Light; come, let us be overshadowed by the One who was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit;” have you not heard how the nations will come to Her Light and that the kings will come to Her dawning brightness, when in the end Her Heart will triumph together with Mine? mystery for the rich in heart, but for the poor and lowly a Blessing so longed for ….

O come! before the floods of sin overtake you! come in this Ark12 that can save you; do not be like your ancestors in the days of Noah, who did not listen; come into the Ark and you will be saved from the tempestuous waters of sin, and from perishing in the floods of sin; come and become the promised child of the Mediatrix as a result of the devotion you would have had for Her;

in your devotion for Her you will be devoting yourself to Me; every devotion, honouring Her Heart, will amplify and ascend on Me since Our union is so perfect; in your devotion for Her Heart, all My decrees will be better understood in Her Light, because your steps will be guided by Her Heart since your hand will be taken by the Throne of Graces Herself; how blessed you will be to repeat your devotion to Her Heart!

come to the One, so Blessed, who shows Her Motherly Love to Her children by showing them the way to heaven; come to the Co-Redemptress of your Redeemer whose Heart, burning with Love, was offered to be pierced too for your sake; come and honour this Heart, alight as a Lamp, shining within and without near My Heart;

if you say: “we have no use for Her Heart”, know that in reality you are saying: “we have no use for the Lord’s Heart!” learn, feeble man, that My Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of your Mother are so united that in their perfect unity those Two Divine Hearts become One; I tell you solemnly: if you acknowledge Her Heart, not only will you be acknowledging My Heart but also the Father’s; have I not said that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me? if I am in the Father and the Father is in Me, My Heart, too, is in the Father and His Heart is in Mine; to say that We are not inseparable and One, is to deny My Word; do not be the slave of your spirit and do not be won by the arguments of the world;

tell Me, which creature’s heart is like unto Mary’s Heart? there is none like unto Mary’s Heart; perfect from the beginning, Immaculate from birth13 and full of Grace, surpassing in its grace My Angels’ graces; this is why My Angels in throngs questioned one another:

“who is this, behind Her veil?”;

“why are the crests of the mountains bowing down low, saluting Her, as She passes them by?”;

“who is this without a blemish in Her Heart and so pleasing to God?”;
“have you seen how all God’s creation lowers its gaze as She passes by?”;

“who is She who is like a fountain that makes the gardens fertile by Her graces, this well of living water?”;

“who is She, with a Heart so pure with divine love, aspiring for God day and night, night and day, and in perfect union with the Most High?”;

“who is this Virgin who is so humble over Her great wealth of virtues and graces, that the supreme God’s Eyes never leave Her?”;

many of My Angels remained silent in admiration, words had failed them ….

it is in that Heart, in that Abyss of grace, I exercised My power; the Author of heaven and earth, the Author of grace found His heaven in heaven, His grace in grace, to come in the condition of a slave; I came to Prodigious Humility14 to serve and not to be served; I, the Redeemer of all mankind, the promised Messiah, came to the perfect image of My Sacred Heart to share the sorrows, the joys, the sufferings, the martyrdom, the wonders, the betrayals, the agonies, the scourging, the piercing, and the crucifixion; together, Our Hearts atoned;

all the moments My Holy Mother spent on earth were a perfect hymn of love, charity, humility and purity; a treasure from My treasures; I came in this Holy Heart, image and likeness to My Sacred Heart, to become God-Man so that I follow Her steps15 and that later on She follows Mine; 16 I have said that She and I shared everything all the way to the Cross;

Our union was so intimately perfect that We did not need speech, for the sole utterance was in Our Heart; My words and My thoughts did not need to be carried to Her in My absence; in the supreme power of My Holy Spirit, everything was known to Her; in Her virginal Heart everything was known to Her, since She possessed God and God possessed Her; in this way Her daily nourishment was the Will of the Eternal Father;

oh creation! My Soul is in utter dismay when so many of you deny Her Heart! and My Angels tremble for that day I will pronounce these people, guilty! but for those who honoured Her and loved Her, the Gate of Her Heart will be open for you to step into heaven; and I will say to you who love and honour Her: “come! your love for Her was so great on earth that today you may come to your room and before My Holy Temple17 bow down;”

creation, this Great Sign18 in heaven, the Woman adorned with the Sun that holds the demons paralysed with fear, this Great Sign that illuminates the heavens terrifying the Darkness19 is none other than My Mother; in contrast to the darkness I raised this Most Holy Virgin to be for all of you a Pillar of blazing fire by night to guide your step, and by day a Sun to illuminate your dreadful gloom;

– that day I was conceived by the Holy Spirit in Her virginal Womb, all the demons were paralysed with fright while in heaven at the same time a great throng of the heavenly host were praising God and singing: “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and peace to men who enjoy His favour;” thus, I descended from heaven to heaven, from My throne to My throne ….

yes, where every virtue was blossoming, ravishing My Sacred Heart by the fragrance of Her perfect Love; My Perfect One’s Heart is unrivalled and altogether lovable … Her Heart, since Her Immaculate Conception was an incessant prayer, an atoning incense, an incessant adoration for God; this is My Vineyard20 whom My Father’s powerful Hand cultivated so that the True Vine puts His root in that soil;

come to the Heart of your Blessed Mother, which is as bright as day; come and receive Her graces, which are so innumerable and that flash in rays from Her Hands; My Heart, which is full of grace and truth, was made flesh in the Virginal Womb full of grace and truth; and now, Our Two Hearts, joined in One, will conquer Bitter Plague, not by physical strength nor by force of arms, but by love and sacrifice;

3 The sign of this is that She stands on the moon.

4 Jesus adds ‘too’ because He is God as well.

5 I felt Jesus’ Heart melting with love when pronouncing the word “Mother”.

6 With a loud cry Jesus was speaking to our Lady.

7 I understood “Beloved” to mean the Beloved Trinity.

8 Suddenly Christ lowered His Voice, becoming sad.

9 Jesus at the same time was sad and amazed.

10 I understood that it meant the New Eve.

11 Soul should be understood as life, as in Lk. 9:24.

12 In our Blessed Mother’s Heart.

13 She was conceived Immaculate.

14 Our Blessed Mother.

15 When Jesus was a child following His Mother.

16 I understood that Mary followed Jesus in His Mission.

17 Our Blessed Mother: The Temple of God.

19 The Devil.

20 Our Lady.