March 19, 1996

Vassula-of-My-Sacred-Heart: the Viper, it is the Viper that brings death that is crawling around you all; he tempts, he waits, he waits for your fall; then death does not delay to come; ah …. My Sacred Heart is in pain ….

Lord, I am here, what can I do for You to relieve Your pain?

follow My Command1 to the letter! death must not come; can you see what I see every day? no …. no you cannot see what I see …. I am losing thousands of lives; 2 I am losing so many …. every day! have you seen what I have seen out there in the desert? there are thousands who are starving and are thirsty for consolation, hope and love; there are thousands who are naked and in need of My words; My compassion extends to everything that lives! but, look! the Tempter wants to beggar you so that you will have nothing to offer; come, stretch your hand out to the needy; do not fail the starved waiting out there; do not shrink from visiting the sick;

– Vassula, I had resolved to have you as My bride so that you follow Me; I made you My bride and I have placed My Lamp3 inside you, so that in the Light of My Holy Spirit and through His Power you would start reasoning not as mortals reason, but as My angels in heaven are reasoning; I, then, fortified you with My Spirit of Fortitude to withstand the heavy blows of the enemy and to stand your ground;

I have given you My Spirit of Counsel to show you what delights Me most; I have opened the gates to heaven and shown you My saints4 who journeyed through poverty, but fed and covered the naked, who journeyed through humility and obedience, leaving space for My Spirit to act in them and produce through their loyalty, prodigies; they have journeyed through mortification, spittle and suffering, but rejoiced all the more for this honour and asked for more while offering everything to Me; – creature! you have still a long way to go, but the prize will be yours too if you accept ardently all that I am offering you; My bride, do not fear, if in every course you take, you have Me in your mind:

look, in one Hand I have a seed that once sown it will grow, giving you contentment for all that you will be able to achieve for Me, never wearying; and it will adorn your neck because honours will be worn around your neck like an ornament of beauty; and your head will be covered by perfumes dripping like dew from your hair;

now, look in My other Hand …. see this seed? this, once sown, will give you the bread of suffering, it will also be to your profit; 5 there will be wounds and wounds again, and again; and I will raise your closest friends to turn into your biggest persecutors; you will stifle and moan; I shall honour you with My Thorned Crown, My Nails and My Cross; I will, My friend, offer you to drink daily from My Cup until the bitterness of My Cup will not give you a moment to draw breath; now, come and choose one of the seeds; if you choose the first one, you will have your suffering later on; – choose!

I want Your Will. You are God and You choose for me.

very well then, My bride, I will choose the second seed; you will be persecuted, but never by your closest friends; I will not allow it; ah, how I rejoice, for you have behaved as I would have you behave, leaving everything in My Hands and remaining a Nothing; are you finally realising that I suffice by Myself? I do not intend to hide My Inexhaustible Riches in these times of need but I will cast them out through your nothingness; with little time left now, do not delay, for I am afflicted beyond your understanding;

hurry, for death is imminent out there in the desert; delight in Delight; I bless you; ic;

1 Message of March 18, 1996.
2 Jesus was crying very hard and was in agony.
3 Jesus means the Holy Spirit.
4 Vision of September 27, 1987.
5 Profit = sanctification.