February 12, 1996

My Lord?

I Am;

learn, My Vassula, from the saints; I am not a complicated God, I am not far either; I do not hide My Face nor do I keep anyone in the dark; My mere Presence is Light! many of you say: 1 “Lord bring us something new …”; this is the spirit of Antichrist and this spirit is at large in the world;

I will bring you nothing new; I have died, I have risen, I am the First and the Last; he who believes in Me will have everlasting life; I am alive forever and in glory, and I hold the keys of death and of Hades; there are still things to come, but everything has been written until the end of Times; I will come to restore your sight with My Spirit to accomplish what I have said …. that in the end I shall triumph;

today still My land is being divided, riven, and in My House and My household there is selling and buying; to the prophets I am sending them, they say: “do not prophesy”; that time I was telling you previously has come, when Cardinal will go against Cardinal, bishop against bishop; priest against priest; the Divider’s power has infiltrated like smoke into My House to besiege My land; his destructive work is strong and his favourite targets are My consecrated souls; he turns their thoughts to follow the passions of their hearts; the Rebel, wherever he passes leaves his curse behind …. he has sworn to lift you one against another; he has sworn, in his fury, to sift you all, especially My consecrated ones and plunder them; he has sworn to use you all as his toy; I tell you: anyone whose heart is not upright will succumb, but the upright will live through faithfulness;

be strong Vassula, I, Jesus, bless you and your comrades; do not judge; we, us? I love you; peace; ic;

1 This message was given five minutes before a telephone call for an interview on Radio Dublin. The interviewer ended by asking: “Is Jesus saying something new to us?”