February 20, 1996

Please Lord, look at this branch of Yours.
Visit it and check on it.
It has been shaken.
Has the Vine felt how it was tormented?

yes, since the branch belongs to Me, the true Vine; My branch, do not worry as long as you are part of the true Vine and bear fruit; My Love heals; count on Me and on no one else; pray more and ask for more from Me; why do you shy away from Me? come to Me, child, and you will obtain; I love you …. allow My Finger on your lips so that from these will echo My Words; accept all that comes from Me; rest in Me and allow Me to rest in you;

I am Lord, I am the Alpha and the Omega, so deepen your faith in Me; dearest child, love one another and never fail Me; My Love is in your heart to console you; come; ic;