January 30, 1996

My Spouse, 1 do not let me return to You empty handed;
let me come back to You with vessels of incense and vessels of fruits:
a whole army ready to sacrifice themselves for Your Will.

My sacrifice, live for Me, take your oil from Me; listen, break into joyful cries, should anyone attack you for My sake; count this as an honour; feeble, oh, feeble soul, when will you learn? when? why can I not feed you this daily bread of which I have tasted with fervour to save you and glorify My Father? you should ask for more, you should ask that it comes like rain on you; you say: “My Spouse, do not let Me return to you empty handed,” and I tell you: My Bride, how right you are, therefore, take the advice from your Spouse: plead for more sufferings, bring to Me this incense you have promised Me; recover, and come back to your senses;

I could, if you let Me, overwhelm you with trials, set-backs, the lot; can you not see how highly favoured you are? do not brood anymore; remain the brilliant flame of My Eyes, and do not try to put it out …. indeed, I have you exposed as a banner with My insignia on you, to the world, but the world refuses to see that the insignia is Mine so they pick up stones to hurl on My banner …. others pursue you like frenzied hunters;

find your happiness in the tyranny they inflict on you; I will not allow them to give you more than what is necessary; the Almighty who is all-seeing will note every one of your steps; and if they wrong-do you more than your portion, My Father and I will relieve you, bringing you into your inheritance;

do not think that I Myself am not pierced when they pierce you, what they do to you they do to Me; I sigh with pain within you; they are tyrannising Me in you; it costs Me no effort to remove a tyrant …. but I tell you now, let it be so for a while and trust Me; I am sanctifying My dwelling place with a sacrifice ….

and now remain obedient to Me by keeping your vows of fidelity …. they refused My gift of delight …. they shed innocent blood and their hands are covered with this blood; ic;

1 Is. 54:5: “… Your Creator will be your husband …”