December 10, 1995

peace be with you; your aim must be to remain in the Truth and draw all people to the Truth and into My Kingdom; I am the Truth and My Kingdom on earth is My Church and My church is My Body which fills the whole creation; 1 and the Life of My Church is My Holy Eucharist, the Way to eternal life; – I am the Way, the Truth and the Life;

I am Love; love Me and you shall live; through love your soul will begin to look for heavenly things; the world can offer you nothing that belongs to Me; cling to Me and you will remain rooted in Me and in this way you will win for yourself the eternal life which I promised you; I have called you, My Vassula, and I have taken you to draw through My Call, many sinners for repentance;

in the presence of many witnesses I spoke through you, appearing in your place; some have seen Me and believed; happy are those who have not seen and yet believe;

I have indeed entrusted you with this Message, because I knew you would take good care of My Interests; I said, I have entrusted you with this Message; this Message adds nothing new to Scriptures; everything I have said in this Message is written in Scriptures, but you have not understood yet fully what is written;

you heard Me say: I will send you the Parakletos to be with you for ever and in those who love Me to teach you everything; My Spirit will be your Counsellor and your Educator; without Him even My Disciples never fully understood Me nor My teachings; but on that day I returned to the Father, I sent the Parakletos to them so that He reminds them of everything I had said to them while I was with them;

I am all prepared now to come to you, but you have still not understood how and in which way; yet I have not been speaking in metaphors; I tell you solemnly: I will send you My Holy Spirit in full force on all mankind, and as a foresign I will display portents in heaven as never before; there will be a second Pentecost so that My Kingdom on earth2 will be restored; many of you ask: “when? when will all these things take place?” it is not for anyone to know times or dates that the Father has decided by His own authority; in the past, your ancestors killed all those who foretold My Coming; and now, in your generation, you are doing the same; for how long are you to resist My Holy Spirit of Grace?

repent of this wickedness of yours and pray so that none of the things you have spoken may condemn you; doubt no longer, you will soon receive an outpouring of My Holy Spirit so that your strength may be brought back; and you, sister of Mine, receive the tenderness of He who formed you; where you failed, I succeeded; where you lacked, My Holy Spirit replenished; My sympathy for you is immense; continue to put into action the lessons learnt from Me; learn that I shall complete My Work triumphant;

Vassula, will you go with Me just a mile longer?

Of course, if I still have my feet on me to walk with You.

their severe treatment on you will not affect you; My Message has been revealed to My saints and to those with a child’s heart; Wisdom shuns from the wise and the learned, but all those who have raised their sword against you shall perish by the sword; My Words have not found a home with them, no, because love is missing …..

doctors of the law they call themselves …. which law? Mine or theirs? had they kept My Law they would have understood My language; 3 but they do not take in what I said;

ah, Vassula, repay evil with love; forgive and keep My silence to any blame thrust on you; a man draws on his own store; so honour Me since you come from Me;

go where I am sending you, go as a witness and proclaim openly all that the Father and I have taught you; Satan’s hour is here, but soon Saint Michael will stand up and woe to the unrepentant sinner! now the devil is vomiting his rage over you and over every one of My interventions for your salvation, the sting of iniquity, but My Holy Spirit will come to your rescue and My Message will become a continuous canticle to the ears who want to hear;

pray, My Vassula, for your prayers delight Me; I bless you;

2 Jesus means the Church.
3 Jesus means in the Scriptures.