December 1, 1995

I hallow Your Holy Name,
while I still stand in awe before Your Glory.

The Spirit of above invites me,
telling me that to fear You, 1 my God,
is a treasure given by Wisdom Herself.

2 and My Reign begins in you then, followed by My Spirit of Understanding; to assure you of your Father’s Divinity, thrice Holy, My Spirit will establish your foundations in the Truth by revealing to your spirit what the sages and your philosophers call foolish and nonsense;

He will enlighten the eyes of your mind, giving you a spirit of perception, infinitely rich, to penetrate into the full mystery of Our Divinity; you will see then the things that no eye has seen and no ear has heard, things beyond the mind of man, because your mind will have been stamped with the seal of My Holy Spirit; and all things that seemed impenetrable and unattainable for your spirit to understand will be understood in Our Divine Light; and I, together with My Spirit of Understanding, will make your mind like the mind of My Son, Jesus Christ; then, fully in the Truth, your spirit will reach the fullness of Christ Himself revealing to you that the Church, which is His Body on earth, fills the whole creation;

O what would I not Counsel you! your aim must be to remain in the Truth; for this your spirit should be dedicated to the Holy Trinity; My Spirit of Counsel will help you live a saintly life because your only joy will be for you to abide by My Law, blessed and thrice Holy it is; He will counsel your spirit to become a child, innocent, to run to Me, then have a heart-to-heart conversation, showing Me no distrust; and I shall count you, too, as one of My children who reflect My Image; the light then in your eyes will be the Light of My Son, Jesus Christ, and you will be assigned a place among the saints;

find Me in simplicity of heart, and fasten your heart on holiness, integrity and love; thirst for Me, your God, and the barriers to reach Me will be broken by your love; in your sight then will appear the One whom your soul languished for, dearer to you than all the riches of the world and your own life, the Blessed and only Ruler of all, the Unique, Trinitarian yet One in the unity of essence, the Irresistible and Glorious, the Uncomparable One, to welcome you into His Kingdom;

ask for My Spirit of Counsel so that you do not swerve from the Truth; be determined to obtain from My Spirit of Fortitude strength to be able to resist temptations that come your way; and to overcome with courage and stability any obstacle that can deprive you of My Imperishable Light; ask My Spirit of Fortitude to give you a warrior’s heart, to fight the good fight of faith and justice and join in this spiritual battle of My Archangels Michael and Raphael, predominant in strength and valiant, Warriors of Justice, observing, through the light of My Holy Spirit, every aspect of human behaviour;

open your mouth and ask! He who lives forever and who created all the universe tells you: open your mouth, ask and I shall hear you; the day of visitation is at hand; humble yourself and ask for My Spirit of Fortitude to give you the power and strength to carry your cross with dignity and fervour so that through your pains and your generosity you will become partners of My Son Jesus Christ’s triumph;

be confident and come and ask Our Trinitarian Holiness for the Spirit of Knowledge; the Knowledge of how to possess Me, your God; the Knowledge of approaching Me in footsteps as those of My angels; if your lands are set aflame it is because of your so little knowledge of who I Am; yes, wickedness burns like a fire;

come! you who err aimlessly in rounds and are so naked and pitiful to look at, come to Me and ask, by a simple utterance, the Spirit of Knowledge, and I shall send Him to you; and when He comes He will show you how you had ceased to be no sooner born …. and although you appeared to be, you were dead long ago and the stench of your death had reached My nostrils;

My Spirit will teach you to know yourself and to listen to My Calls; and when you do, a light will shine inside you revealing Me, your Triune God, in all My Glory, loving to man, Incomparable, Just and Holy;

how is it that so few ask for My Spirit of Piety? is it your pride of heart that stops you? have you ever attempted to understand how you move and how everything created moves in My Spirit thrice Holy? if you look for My Spirit of Piety, you will be free to serve Me in a new spiritual way, renouncing your spirit of lethargy that had encamped in you, making a gulf between you and Me;

how have you been so slow to ask for the Spirit of Piety, to teach you the knowledge of all holy things, and that piety is stronger in submissiveness, in humility, and in renunciation; ask! ask and I shall despatch My Spirit from above to come and rest on you, so that henceforth you will become the delight of My Eyes, and the flame of My Son’s Eyes, the starlight of your surrounding, which is so dark and in your radiance the attraction of your so corrupt society, attracting them to Me;

in your radiance you will radiate My Son, Jesus Christ’s Image; and I shall fill your hands with outnumbered riches to delight My Soul while serving Me, your Triune God, yet One, in the essence of unity;

from thereon you will dread to displease Me, for in you I shall place My Spirit of Fear; every time you will come to Me you will come and kneel before My Majesty, in awe, since your spirit would have tasted the fruits of My Wisdom; to fear Me is the crown of Wisdom; to fear Me is the root of the tree of life; come and breathe in My Spirit, come and move in My Spirit; and I will reveal to you in the innermost part of your heart the depths of Myself so that you, too, may possess Me;

the Spirit from above invites you all to penetrate into the mystery of the seven Gifts of My Holy Spirit; come and be blessed; come and let there be light in your soul; the invisible things are eternal; come and obtain what is invisible from the Spirit, so that you may live with Us and be one in Us;

1 “The fear of Yahweh is His Breath” (Is. 11:2).
2 The Eternal Father speaks.