October 17, 1995

My Lord and my Shepherd
guide us, straighten our paths;
we are the flock of Your sheepfold,
and I am confident, because of Your Faithful Love,
that You will fetch the strayed sheep
one after the other, back into Your fold.

It was You, my Shepherd,
who drew me from the entrails of this vile world.
Blessed be Your Name, thrice Holy.

Refreshment of my soul, Perfect Beauty,
with words sweeter than honey,
open Your Mouth and pronounce
the Wonders of Your Law,
so that many will be set free.

Let Your faithful Love
come to all Your creation,
be gracious, generous and merciful with us
so that our eyes will open
and fix our gaze on Your Trinitarian Holiness.

I, Jesus bless you;

take My Mighty Hand, I will guide you; to guide you and to be your Holy Companion in the journey of your life is a constant delight for Me; see? I have given you the freedom of heart; through My Spirit, you get your freedom; through His purifying Fire you are washed clean; where My Spirit is, there is freedom, for there is a renewal, a transfiguration in His Presence; your new birth is not from mortal seed but from My Spirit; Joy-of-My-Heart, allow Me to use you as My net so that I may bring many hearts to live in this freedom;

love Me and console Me; I am with you; glorify Me and bless My Holy Name thrice Holy;