July 31, 1995

I Am is with you, so allow Me now to use with you My gift that will honour My Name; for, My child, through this gift I brought many back to Me; so peace be with you! yes! you will get My answer for your request, – regarding Japan: 1 you have all shared together, in My graces to you all, the power of healing through My given Messages;

I it is who establish the associations of True Life in God; I offer prayers to the Father for your partnership in the Messages I am giving; you all have a place in My Heart since you are all sharing and defending My Work;

Satan, in his jealousy, wishes to sift you all like wheat: to fail; so stand your ground with prayer as your weapon; be sympathetic and generous to one another, be patient with one another as I am patient with you; be tolerant with one another as the Father is tolerant with this generation; forgive each other as readily as I forgive when forgiveness is asked!

I had warned you that working for Me, hardships are certain to come, and that is what each one of you has found out; but do not despair, I am with you so long as you remain faithful to Me, so rely on Me, I will continue to give you strength, courage and hope;

now hear Me and understand: My Holy Spirit had explicitly named this Work: “True Life in God“, but some of you listened to deceitful spirits and gave way to them …. take care of all the Divine Work that has been entrusted to you and turn away from disputes that will lead you to division; can you not see? can you not discern how the Evil One is at work? you ought to turn your minds more attentively than before to what the Spirit offered so that you do not drift away from My Grace; with this in view, do your best to work with harmony and peace, gentleness and understanding;

My dear friends, remember: do not wreck the Holy Spirit’s Work by allowing yourselves to give rise to harmful talk; I tell you: rejoice in the Spirit and seek His Ways in which He will keep you devout, united and happy in the reflection of His Love;

1 The Association of Japan of True Life in God.