August 1, 1995

My Lord and my God,
show me the light of Your Divine Face;
Maker in glory,
Your arrows on me do not make me run away from You;
on the contrary, I am here,
quivering with impatience to listen to You;
come and satisfy my hunger!

daughter, all I have is yours; I love you; never doubt of My Love; love Me and you shall live; live holy and pray more;

the devil never wearies of attacking you and from tempting you; so stay vigilant and never weary of writing; never abandon your prayers, never cease being with Me, 1 I am always with you and I never leave you, but, daughter, I want also this from you; in these days2 where you and your family are together I do not ask a great deal from you nor do I call you to obtain lengthy messages; I only ask for your friendship, your love, your attention from time to time and a word to Me showing Me that you have not forgotten Me;

see? Vassula, do not worry about your oppressors; do not worry on things that belong to the world, all these will wear out but My Love for you will remain forever and for all eternity; My lamb, the world hated Me as it hates you now, but it is only the world and this world will wear away!

come, remain near Me and My Mother who loves you! have Our Peace; we, us?

1 In prayer, we are together with the Lord.
2 My family and I were passing our holidays together.