May 10, 1995

My God, my Lord,
make every tongue on earth
talk about “peace”, “reconciliation”,
“love”, “faith”, and “unity”.

Send Your Holy Spirit in time,
show everyone that You are our Help and Consolation;
come and revive what little is left
otherwise how would the dead
hear about Your marvels in the dark?
How would they see Your righteousness
if their spirit still lies in the land of oblivion?

Your love for me has been so great,
Your mercy fathomless,
and without any merit You have offered me Wisdom,
a priceless gift ….
and You gave me speech to declare Your Love. 1

daughter, open your heart to Me and tell Me everything ….

My soul is troubled ….

I am listening ….

My opponents are more opponent than ever …. A brutal clan is at my heels.

listen and understand: I have allotted you a prophet’s seat, so for the rest of your life you will prophesy and will be associated with My Works but also with everything they2 had to endure; – do not stand there as if you were suddenly widowed …. find your relief in My Love for I am with you; have My Peace …. will you write?

If You want me to, Lord.

I want …. listen and write;

Vassula, I think you have now noticed how Satan’s fortifications are growing stronger, this is why I decided to hasten My Day; let mankind know:

I will hasten the Day of My Return;

I once said to you, not long ago, to hurry up with My Work because you were at the dawn of the great events; then later on I came again to you to tell you that you are facing the great tribulations to come; but now I am telling you: offer Me incense and pray every day so that I may grant you the grace of relief; My daughter, grief is coming, grief is well on its way into My sanctuary;

this darkness of iniquity I foretold you; the three and a half years are already upon you; this hour has already been upon you since the beginning of this spring season; your generation has entered the beginning of sorrows and trials, these terrible times of iniquity; the times of abomination and desolation; the hour of shadows and of the Beast; the times thrice cursed by Satan; the hour where he swore to harass My saints and My angels: 3 the times are here when the evil one will send one of his own to change My Law and seasons; it will appear to you then that Sovereignty and Splendour is not around you any more, it will appear to My saints as though My Court is not there to open the books; 4 it will seem to you as though I have abandoned you all; it will appear to you all as though the two Beasts proved the stronger, but this will only be for a short time until My Return; I shall come like a thief ….

I shall suddenly come upon you to break the sceptre of falsehood, and the earth will tremble; with just one of My glances I will make the rebellion of every nation quake and I will dissolve this rebellion that brought this Apostasy down on you like a plague, in My Flames; I will dislodge the apostates and the thrones of those who changed seasons, My Tradition, and who passed their life contradicting and opposing My Abels5 and the one6 who shepherds them; I will stride the earth and will not leave one stone unturned, for I have sworn to devour with My Flames all that does not come from Me and that defiled My Image;

– for years now I have been sending you new apostles to be among you to remind you of My Law and to listen to My warnings7 they have been prophesying since many years now, but so very few listened …. I have sent them to remind you to apply My Law and practise kindness and compassion towards each other; I have sent them to be My Echo, reminding you, generation, to repay evil with love and to love one another, but to this day your hearts are closed and harder than ever …. you do not apply My Law nor to My requests; your hearts continue to plan evil against one another and are adamant rather than listen to My Calls that I had made known by My Spirit through My new apostles of your days ….

since you have, generation, done all these things that I abhor and you have not practised love and peace, but rebellion instead, you will receive according to your measure …. what you have harvested you shall now reap ….

Is there no word of hope for the faithful, the Abels as You call them, my Lord?

to My Abels I say: I will make My Justice known; do not be afraid; I know you by name and you know Me; always be wanting peace with all people; make sure that no one disobeys his leader so that no root of rebellion begins in him; continue in My grace and do not harden your hearts; I am your Hope and in Me be rooted; I will look after you while iniquity is rising at its peak;

I love you all, eternally; be one in My Name;

1 I was not getting to the point.
2 The prophets.
3 Messengers.
4 Justice from God.
5 The loyal priests.
6 John Paul II.
7 Jesus sighed.