December 18, 1994

You have plunged me to the depths of the Night,
to its darkest, deepest place You have plunged me.
Why do You hide Your Face from me?
How can I hear the marvel of Your Voice in the dark;
I stretch out my hands, groping for Your Hand,
for the hem of Your clothes,
but I find nothing where I can cling on.

My Love for you has no limits; if you are going through the terrors of the Night do not fear …. My Vassula, I am with you – I am with you; I get My comfort in your distress; you are My comfort; My head-rest and My garden, let your heart pine away with a longing for Me;

do not be envious of your environment and do not allow your heart to talk nonsense; out of faith you come to Me, what more prodigious from all the prodigies? I tell you, you will have your reward in the end; I have appointed you as My Echo to repeat several times the words I utter; are you genuinely doing your best to please Me and serve Me?

If I am, it is thanks to Your Spirit of Grace.

look, today I have set you over so many nations, to be My Echo and revive My Church, to unite and embellish My Church; My reign on earth is near and to rescue My flock I need sacrifice, generosity and love …. see for yourself: how slight your efforts have been to win so many souls! I guarantee to you that having your soul in the terrors of the Night, I am gaining so many souls; yes, thanks to your acceptance, I can enjoy My garden even more now;

My bride, I am King in you …. child-of-My-upbringing and formed by My Divine Hands, I tell you: My Church will break into joyful cries one day, because in My everlasting love I will end this Apostasy quicker than foreseen;

Yet the worst has not come ….

the worst has to come, nothing can be brought forth all at once; My Father will reveal His Mighty Hand to the poor, but to the apostates and to the Rebel, a hurricane of fire from the east will scorch them because of all the filthy things they have done …. the culprit will die for his guilt; if he converts before My Day and restores what he has been destroying and acknowledges his sin, I will forgive him and he will live and not die: this is My Law thrice Holy;

(Later on:)

(Message for Argentina)

write: Argentina! Argentina, you are Mine! open your heart, not your mind; lift up your eyes in heaven and you will see My glory, My splendour and My sovereignty; but so long as you have your eyes fixed on the world you will not see the grandeur of My generosity that is being poured on you to save you …. I shall not weary of courting you, for I have taken in consideration your charitable act1 which was taken as far as you could;

I am coming to tell you that the God whom you have forgotten has never forgotten you; although you only knew Me from the outside, you are blessed; – today I invite you at My table; come and let us meet heart to Heart and you will benefit from the Riches that My Sacred Heart offers you; without these, 2 you cannot live;

1 The generosity and faithfulness Argentina showed for the apparitions of San Nicholas.
2 Jesus was talking about the mystery of the Eucharist.