December 24, 1994

Lord, Teacher and Saviour?

I Am;

I have preached to you heart to Heart; to conquer you, I have done these things; I wanted My pupil to learn from Me to conquer souls for Me; I love you all eternally …. pupil, I want you to be faithful to Me; this is the gift you can offer Me during midnight Mass! – your fidelity, from your heart; and if you do, My Father and I will display Our Holiness in you to strengthen you in this battle of the Plague; 1 shall any of the followers of the Beast be hostile to you, be like a sling to them and shatter them as in the vision2 I had given you ….

now, little one, be one with Me; let us continue to share; I am Lord, so do not fear; My Name: Jesus Christ, Son of God and Saviour;

2 The vision: I found myself held by the followers of the Beast. They took off my crucifix-ring, disappeared for a while with it and then came back with it. They gave it back to me. When I took it I knew that they had profaned it. Then they accompanied me to their door to leave, but as I was passing by in their hall they had the Emblem of the Beast on their wall (just as we have the crucifix). I made a quick decision; when I saw a sort of sling near-by, I grabbed it and with all my strength I hit their Emblem right in the eye (centre) destroying it and all evil power within it. Upon taking that decision I knew that that might cost me my life. But I thought it was worth it so long as I would destroy their power too. As soon as I shattered it those followers of the beast accompanying me to their door were shaken with fright and trembled. And I understood that by destroying their Emblem they too were destroyed and had no power over me.