December 16, 1994

I give you My peace;

never let loose of My clothes, hang on to My hem …. My Spirit will give you strength, perseverance, courage and a flame to enflame other hearts; I tell you: no one who glorifies Me is let down by Me, no one who waters a parched land is ignored by Me; My Heart is too sensitive and pure not to be touched; My graciousness observes you like a mother, like a father, every aspect of your behaviour is observed by Me;

I love you, have no doubt of My Love; you are My pupil and I, your Teacher; I have not been teaching you merely to instruct you alone, but My Teachings are meant for all of you …. Wisdom is your Holy Companion; ecclesia will revive;

do not abandon writing, My Hand will guide your hand and My Voice shall be heard by many, for this is My Will and it will be done: and you, daughter, love Me, desire Me and write: be My Echo, do your best and I will do the rest;