October 20, 1994


I Am; look Vassula, My purpose of raising you is still the same: My Father and I visited you, educated you, yes! I have raised you up; can you say today that your knowledge came from men? or from having studied theology?

Glory be to God, all I have learned comes from You.

My Father and I will continue to scandalise your philosophers and the haughty of your society through Our Works and by the poor instruments We choose; I delight in teaching you; yes, I still delight in giving you My noble Knowledge; ah Vassula, 1 if you knew how it pleases My Father to give you Wisdom …. so do not be unaware of all these blessings; do not say: “where is my Jesus?” My beloved, I am all the time with you, My gaze constantly on you;

allow Me to progress you spiritually and extensively; allow Me to flee now and then from the wickedness of the world and rest in your heart; in your silence, I take My rest; in your fidelity, I am King because what I receive is: honour and praise; and in your love, I am glorified;

Lord, you have schooled me, giving me strength;
You have addressed me and Your words lifted me.
My food is You.
Why give this gift of light to someone so wretched?

because I was struck by your wretchedness; had I found someone weaker than yourself I would have chosen him or her; your wretchedness compels My Mercy to immerse you; your wretchedness makes Me shake My Head …. weaker and more wretched than you I cannot find … there is no one! how else would I have worked if I would have had to face rival after rival inside you? I find none …. and would there be any arising, as they would be coming I would blow them away with My Breath; so allow Me to hold your right hand in Mine …. do you feel happy, My Vassula?

Yes! Very!

I love you for having allowed Me to prosper you and, through you, others; never fear, My beloved; so all I say to you now is: love Me, write and continue to glorify Me by witnessing; I am the Author of True Life in God and I shall prove it by appearing in your place; it is My Father’s gift to you and to others;

1 Jesus sighed.