August 23, 1994

My Lord?

I Am; little one, have My Peace;

I have come to you to find some consolation in your heart; I have in My Heart a wound which is unbearable …. today the followers of the Beast are profaning Me in the Sacrament of My Love; Love is betrayed, spat upon and walked over; I am now in their wicked hands; do you know what that means? My Perpetual Sacrifice is in their hands; they are stoning Me and between them swore to abolish Me from within My Tabernacle;

look! the day is near when they will officially declare that I should be abolished from within My Tabernacle and erect in My place an empty cymbal; … and Daniel’s prophecy will be fulfilled;

daughter, never weaken in your faith and your fidelity, never sleep, never doubt; rest Me, My beloved, rest Me …. ic

You cannot say, no,
never can you say to your Redeemer:
“I am lying all alone on my own soil
with no one to lift me up,”
when His Day comes.
When with Fire, generation,
you will be struck, burning and scorching,
and your gardens will wither
as well as your vineyards,
do not say to your Redeemer:
“bring me something to eat and to drink”,
for it is now you will have to repent
and stop fanning what is evil.
And as for the godless
who profane our Lord’s Perpetual Sacrifice
and have Death as their friend,
the Fire will rage fiercer than ever on you,
unless the Lord hears from you your cry of repentance.