July 4, 1994

My Vassula, in your days, your testimony will be reinforced by My Spirit; I will look after My Message so that My Words will find a home in each one of you; I tell you solemnly: testify in My Name and do not fear, I am with you; I shall raise disciples, form them, then set them off to witness on My Message;

My Message saves; this is why Satan, knowing how many souls would escape him, will pursue his battle on strayed souls and use them to falsify your life and the way you live, by their lying pen! but they shall be caught out, child! the more they persecute you all the more I will encourage you and My people by showing Myself to them in your place:

you are My Echo, the Echo of the most Beloved of the Father; this, as I have told you, My Vassula, is a gift from the Most High, so as to encourage you, and at the same time a seal of My Message;

the Father and I will look after you, My child, and I tell this generation what I had once said to My disciples: happy the eyes that see what they see, 1 for there are many who desire to see what they see and have not seen it …. so consider the privilege of you who saw Me and rejoice! and you, daughter, allow Me to efface you entirely, to glorify My Name;

I have put My angels in charge of My Messages to spread them far and wide for I intend to govern the world in holiness and purity; persevere in your mission and I tell you, My Heart rejoices when I see you taking pleasure in doing it! do not be affected by your critics, lean on Me; – ah! will I rejoice when I see the beginning of an analogy written on My Message! blessed is he who will serve Me and esteems My Words of today; I will assist him; tell2 (…) that I take in account all that he does;

“My son, do not take on a great amount of other duties; 3 they will only multiply and you will suffer for lack of time! hurry as fast as you can, yet you will never arrive; if you ask Me: ‘Lord, what are Your needs?’ I will tell you: ‘My Message saves, and time is short; what you have commenced I blessed; give this generation My Bread of understanding to eat and the water of wisdom to drink; My Message nourishes and quenches their thirst; this generation is dying fast for lack of food; the fruit of your labours4 will save many;

“‘hurry and consume now My Messages; draw from them the riches of My Sacred Heart, then put these riches to light; I have given you health to restore the health of My Church; draw from My Messages all the light that is required to enlighten the hearts of My sacerdotal souls and the hearts of the laity; I have given you a treasure of unity within it, promote unity in the light of My Message; quote My Words giving parallels; hordes of nations will be enlightened by the beauty of this work;

“‘you have done well to write about My Pope, but the Potter, out of the same clay, shaped My Patriarch Bartholomew too; take as much pride in writing on your brother, 5 as you have written on My Pope! complete this work equally; I tell you, use My Messages, for within them you will be able to acquire enough knowledge to understand My desires; let your sole ambition from now on be to yield a rich harvest from True Life in God! I bless you and reassure you that My Mother and I are united to you'”; ic;

1 Those who have seen Him manifest Himself in the meetings.

2 Out of discretion the Lord allowed me to avoid writing the name.

3 Duties that distract him from True Life in God. (Yes.)

4 Books on True Life in God. (Yes!)

5 Pat. Bartholomew.