June 26, 1994

My Lord?

I Am …. why are you dwindling away like a shadow?

It looks like I have become
an object of derision …
I know when someone avoids me;
how many more malicious things
will they say about me?
Even in return for my friendship,
they denounce me,
though all I had done was Your Will:
I pray for them, sacrifice for them.
Will You not defend my innocence?

do not fear for I am near you; allow these things to happen, for with this sacrifice I obtain souls who are on the road to perdition; ah Vassula …. one day I will show you the vast multitude of souls I saved through the wounds your detractors imposed on you and through your acts of reparation …. My Love for souls passes every possible understanding and I tell you, My thirst for wretched souls is great! how can I then remain indifferent, My Vassula? how? when hordes of nations fall into apostasy and rebellion? today’s rebellion is even greater than the Great Rebellion known in the past; 1 does a shepherd abandon his flock? I am your Shepherd and I love My little flock;

now, I and you will continue to work together; your work is not in vain and My Heart delights every time your lips pronounce My Name; every fibre of My Heart loves you;

….come, lean on Me and satisfy My thirst by bringing Me souls, and I shall continue to send you in every nation to proclaim My Love Hymn; and upon you, My myrrh, My shadow will confirm the reality of My Presence, because my signs will accompany you;

come now;

1 Allusion to Ps. 95.