June 29, 1994


You are my Salvation.

I am your Salvation, child! and you, you are My adopted one! so lean on Me!

– in your weakness you inherit My Strength
– in your submissiveness you inherit My Will;
– in your total effacement you become heiress of My Image;

– in your poverty you inherit what the sages are looking for but never can inherit it, you inherit My Wisdom;

do not substitute your gifts for anything in this world, guard them preciously till I come to fetch you; as a spouse who lifts his bride over the threshold, I too in that hour, I will lift you, My beloved, to enter My Glory …. therefore, guard preciously all that I have given you and do not listen to your wrong-doers, My precious one ….

Prisoner-of-My-Love, yet never more free, are you happy to be with Me in this way?

I am unworthy – what can I reply? You know, Lord. You know how happy I am.

come, we, us?

Yes! always, we, us.