June 21, 1994


My Lord and my Shepherd,
in Your kindness multiply Your noble vineyards,
let there be more workers in them
to proclaim Your Royal Authority,
then, every nation will see Your Glory!

peace, My child;

when these heavens will be rolled up like a scroll1 and the earth will wear away they will see My Glory; all of those remaining will gaze on your King; your eyes will see My Sovereignty; I shall not cease calling to My children until I restore Jerusalem;

(Later on:)


I Am; peace, My child; Yahweh is with you, and I bless you;

have Me locked in your heart – come My child, your race is not over and although your Abba is sometimes testing you, 2 you are never alone; be patient and I will continue to instruct you and give you My directives, for I am determined to revive My children and bring them out of their lethargy; I will take their atrophy in consideration and I will be charitable to them;

the Amen is at your very doors; Salvation is at hand’s reach; come;

1 As in my vision.
2 By not feeling His Presence.