June 3, 1994

My Lord?

I Am; little one, My Peace I give to you;

daughter, many people come to you and ask: “is all well? what has Jesus to tell us these days?” daughter from Egypt, this is what you should say to these people:

“Jesus tells you, generation, that you have still not recovered from your illness, you certainly have not recovered from your apostasy1 and there is more than a beam in your eye;

“generation, to this day, Love is rejected, yet in My Mercy, I wait patiently for the tribute you owe Me, your God; I wait patiently for all of you to attain the full measure of your sins before My Justice falls over you; let Me put it to you this way: return to Me and repent from your heart, change this desert that you have become, into a garden, into an Eden, love! love one another!

“live the Gospel and do not cross-examine one another, look at your own beam first in your eye, pray without ceasing, live holy; do not allow your eyes to rest; reconcile with your brothers2 and you will escape death; do not persecute all that is holy; confess sincerely and with your entire being, 3 do not delude yourself, 4

“the Creator tells you: despise all that is unholy, observe heaven and be witnesses of the Most High; give yourselves more to prayer and beg your Creator to be your Light and your Guide;

“return to Me so that I may wash clean the sins you commit night and day; your illness is not incurable, although your guilt and your so many sins are like bitter plague on your soul, I can heal your guilt, I can forgive you and restore your whole body … anyone who loves his life loses it; anyone who loses his life in this world will keep it for the eternal life;

“many of you read My Messages but fail to understand the Heart of the Message, because you are not well rooted in Me; you follow the letter of these Messages but fail to penetrate in the core of the Message! I tell you solemnly, freedom is to be found in a rebirth from the Spirit, only then, when the Spirit opens your eyes will you know the Greatness of My Name and the depths of My Sublime Glory;

“surely you know that you harvest what you reap; if you sow in a field of dissension you will get a harvest of feuds and rivalry; if you sow in a field of accusations you will get a harvest of self-condemnation; if you sow in a field of calumny you will get a harvest of your own downfall out of it; sow the seeds of love in your field and you will harvest a return of love; sow in a field of forgiveness, you will get a harvest of mercy; do not self-appoint yourselves as judges, I am the Sole Judge ….

“as before I am telling you: I do not come to condemn the world since I am here to save the world; I am here now to warn the world, so you who condemn so quickly and who crowned yourself as judge, I tell you: you have your Judge already!”

tell those who ask you, daughter, if all is well, to stay awake, praying at all times for the strength to survive all that is going to happen; that will do; daughter, stand by Me faithfully and be in constant prayer; My child, I, Jesus, will help you in this extensive journey you will undertake for My sake; 5

I, Jesus, bless you and Fr. Michael; Love is near you; ic;

1 The general Apostasy around the world.
2 Term that means with everyone.
3 Meaning also to mortify your body, by fasting.
4 It means, it is not enough to just go to confess for the sake of confessing, one must really feel the sins and be sincere while confessing.
5 Several meetings in the USA and Canada and TV programs.