June 7, 1994

(Our Blessed Mother gives a message to the prayer group of Rhodes, Greece.)

have My Peace;

I already said: I will return to them on Thursday in a special way, this is the way; I wish to tell them these words: you want to be perfect in beauty? gather as you do and pray together with Me, I say “together with Me” because while you are praying, I too am praying with you, My children; oh how your prayers console Me ….

do not be afraid of human opposition, this has to come, but you have your arbitrator; it is I; uncovered you are not; My mantle covers Jesus’ little flock; be faithful to Jesus and to Me, group of Our Hearts; the wicked will have no power over you, My little ones; remain awake and watchful in prayer; We bless you all, daughters and sons of the Most High;