May 10, 1987

Vassula do you remember when I fed My people with manna? I threw it from Heaven, it came from My stores in Heaven; do you know that it is I who lifted the seas so that My people could cross to the Sinai?

Yes, Lord.

I am Omnipotent, little one; I am the One who installs together this guidance to feed many; I have, Vassula, communicated with you all this time! see?

My God, and still I’m fearing that this is done by my subconscious …

let Me tell you instantly that you would never have done all this work on your own! do you believe in miracles?

Yes, I do.

consider this as a miracle then, I love you;

I love You, Father. How could I explain to people when they ask me how do I see You. I feel Your Presence very much, and it’s no fancy.

tell them that you see Me with the eyes of your soul;

Sometimes, Jesus, I think I’m imagining You and want to turn my eyes away from You (the vision) to convince myself it’s not You …

in doing this you offend Me, Vassula; I have given you this grace, 1 accept My gift, accept what I give you!

Lord, sometimes and especially in Bangladesh with the heat I feel exhausted, I wish I could do more work. Sometimes I wish I was like an amoeba, split in several pieces!

I give you enough strength to complete My Works; Luke once said; “I will never exhaust since I am working for the Lord, for the Lord Himself is my strength”; little one I have led you as a father would lead his little child by the hand to school; estimate what you have earned with Me?

I have indeed earned a lot. Since I never practised religion, nor had a Bible in the house since school time, and not having been to church since the baptism of my first son (15 years ago). You taught me many things. Not that I now consider myself as a scholar, but at least You taught me who You are and how much You love us, and of how to love You.

I have given you fruit from My own garden; I wish to fill up your stores with My fruit;

(I asked Him something which I don’t wish to write down.)

I know Vassula, let it be like I wish it to be;

(I could not help but produce a smile to my ears, it felt so good to have a small ‘chit-chat’ in this way with Jesus. I felt Him like I was talking to a good friend, I couldn’t help smiling. I was almost giggling, I was happy.)

I am cheerful too;

(Yes, He was, it was marvellous!)

Vassula do you know how I delight and enjoy these moments, these moments where you talk to Me as a companion? Vassula, we still have work to be done; be blessed, I will give you a sign of My Presence, beloved;

Jesus, what sign, I mean, where?

in your house; I will prove to you that I am present;

I love You, Jesus. I wish I could please You.

altar! keep drawing from Me and keeping My Flame in you ardently ablaze;

1 To have intellectual visions as well as imaginary visions.