May 13, 1987

(Yesterday, May 12, in the evening while passing the staircase level I was stopped by this intense odour of incense. The smell reached up to the second floor. I was surprised. I went and asked my son if he had lit a mosquito coil (although it did not smell at all like a coil, but pure church incense). He said, no. I left this incident aside and got busy with other things. One hour later I wanted to go in the study where I usually write to fetch a pencil, and while I entered the study again this intense beautiful odour of incense passed me by, it bathed me entirely! I left that particular spot to see if it smelled elsewhere, no, there was no odour elsewhere except again where I the second time smelled it, again it was there covering me.)

O beloved, when I covered you with My odour I blessed you at the same time;

Oh Jesus, was that You?

Yes, you felt My Presence; this was My sign, 1 the incense comes from Me;

If only I was sure that evening!

I will give you more signs of My Presence, My flower; be alert though;

Jesus, my Love,
my Breath, my Life, my Joy,
my Sigh, my Rest, my Holy Companion,
my Saviour, my Sight, my Everything,
I love You!

Vassula, love Me fervently; annihilate into My Body; adorn Me with tender words, loving words; let My pains diminish; soothe My Wounds by imbuing them with loving words;

(I discovered by reading today St. Teresa that odours do exist. If they are from the devil they have a horrible stench so she says. Strangely enough this was like another proof to me given today to show me that the incense odour did come from Jesus. I was very happy!)

1 Jesus predicted the day before that He will give me a sign of His Presence.