May 9, 1987

I was thinking when I just watched a documentary about the ‘Fatima Miracle’, how even with that, many people were sceptical, calling it all sorts of things, like Mass Hypnosis etc. In the old times this sort of miracle would have been believed and written in the Holy Bible, but nowadays, years have to go by before being accepted. I’m fearing that Your message will not be counted that it’s from You, since there will be no physical proof or prediction in it. Every high authority, IF it comes that far, will not even pay attention to Your appeal, and I know that Your Cup of Justice is at its full now! The world is offending You very much. They will not listen.

is there a higher authority than your God?

No, My God, none, but if they do not listen? Some of them might think it is propaganda for the Church; I mean those who are in high authority and anti-church. They might think that all this was made up! Made up by the Church!

Vassula, I am the Most High and all authority will come from Me;

And if they do not believe?

I will not write down what will happen if they will not listen from their obduracy; are you fearing Me, little one?

(God must have felt in me a fear that passed through me; at the same time when He was writing the word ‘happen’, I felt a pang of sadness in God’s Heart.)

I am, from Your wrath!

I will endure and forgive your sins, but I will not endure your hatred against Me; I am your Creator and your breath comes from Me; I hold the whole of My creation in My Hand;

I loathe paganism; 1
Vassula, let Me guide you; come, My child, rest in Me;


your sigh, betrothed, is like a million words of love to Me; yes, I am talking about your sigh you gave Me this morning;

(It’s true, this morning I just thought of Jesus with love. I wanted to tell Him so much, but I could not find even the right words. I gave a sigh only; but He seemed to understand a lot from my sigh.)

Vassula, love Me blindly and let Me use you as I wish; be utterly nothing so that in being nothing I can be everything and thus complete My Works; creating you was a delight for Me;

My God, I fear to disappoint You by being unfaithful to You. I don’t know even if I was at all faithful to start with, so why am I saying about keeping faithful if I don’t know that I have ever been at all faithful?

from all eternity I knew you to be weak and wretched, but I love you; I have taken My measures so that you remain faithfully Mine; have you imagined that I have not known all this? I knew everything, and that is precisely why I chose you; I told you that your ineffable weakness and misery attracts Me; come, this guidance will restore My honour, I rejoice at how it will remedy your injustices;

Vassula, crown Me with tender words!

My words, Lord? What possible value have they got to such a Majestic Presence?

every tender and loving word coming even from you becomes divine in My Presence; it becomes great in My Ears;

never weary of writing, My little instrument; everything you do comes from Me; I suspend you with My Strength and I call you when I wish; I love you, love your Lord too;

(I felt again that His Greatness annihilated me completely, it was like plunging in the deepest ocean. A wonderful feeling, of wanting to be possessed by God and being pleased to be!)

1 Atheism.