March 21, 1994

My Lord?

I Am; before you I stand! Wisdom will instruct you and all who read; 1

Vassula! you struggle and strive to comprehend something unseen, 2 you are frailer than I ever thought you to be!

My Lord, Your Majesty, is this3 negative?

I am impressed with your astounding weakness! …. but you are pleasing to Me …. at least the living know that they will die, whereas the dead know nothing, nothing at all4 …. and tears should be shed only for these dead since they have left the Light behind to enter into an infinite darkness ….

Vassula, I have been observing you these days …. you have been running away from Me …. I have been studying you, creature;

To ask You whether I failed You in anything would be, I believe, presumptuous from my part.

I have given you the gift of perception and I am glad you are using it, for this reason I show you forbearance …. come, My Own seed, tell My people that empty talk and ineffectual wordiness in their prayers are futile to Me if they do not mean them ….

I would rather have them turn to Me and say a few words from their heart with love rather than have them babble endlessly in the air! I do not want a worthless lip worship! how many more times am I to say these things to them? and for how much longer have I to put up with this generation? why are they continuously putting My Spirit to the test? pupil, say something! pray! invoke Me! intercede!

Beloved of the Father,
was it not You who stepped out of Your Throne
to come to me and stir my love in this gloomy valley?
And is it not You, my King, who visits me to this day?

I am He;

And what have You done to this dry piece of hay?

I have turned this dry piece of hay into a fruitful tree which I watch and keep in My garden of delights!

And was it not Your Love that has overcome Your Justice,
Justice so rightly reserved for my wretched soul?

I simply breathed on you incense and perfumed you with myrrh, melting the ice that covered you; and since I am known to intimidate with My Presence all rivals who enthrone themselves in My place, My Domain, I stepped into your room; then I lifted your face to see My Glory and covered you with blessing;

And has not Yahweh, our Father,
our Lord and God, our Creator
redeemed my life from the snake?
Has His Majesty not come down Himself
from His Heavenly Kingdom and Heavenly Splendour
to restore my memory, reminding me
that nothing impure can find a way into Heaven?

I have; 5

And have You not, Beloved Holy Spirit,
You who outshine all constellations put together,
visited me, when I was pitifully groping my way in the dark,
shedding Your Light in my poor eyes, to see?

I have; 6 and I swore to make rivers flow out of you; I swore to make out of your mouth a sword for My Word, a menace and a threat to Our7 enemies; I swore to become your Friend as I was with the prophets and renew you entirely; I honoured you with Wisdom and initiated you into the mysteries of My Supreme Knowledge;

Then, for the sake of Your Holy Name,
come quickly to all of us and rescue us.
Let all the people delight in You
and see what their eyes have never seen
and their ears hear what they never heard.
You are known for Your infinite Mercy
and Your Tender Heart.

8 Father?

I Am; offer Me then your vow of fidelity to Me, to My Son and to My Holy Spirit and if you do, in the Courts of My House I will parade you; tell Me: what would you give to conquer souls for Me? what would you do to save souls? and what would you give to unite My Son’s Body? every word you will utter now will be heard, assessed, then accomplished by Me; stand firm and answer Me;

Lord, to conquer souls for You,
I would leave house, brothers, sisters, father,
mother, children and Land.
For the sake of Your Holy Name,
I shall do these things and conquer souls for You.

To save souls, My Holy One?
Have You Yourself not trained me
to carry a weight of eternal glory
with delight and fervour,
with dignity and without complaint?

Has Your Own Son not trained me,
for the sake of the salvation of my brothers and sisters,
to offer my left cheek too when my right one is struck?

Have You not, Master of the Universe,
trained me to bear with joy, calumny and insult,
for the salvation of every soul You Love?

And have You not trained me Yourself, Father,
not to plead my cause, nor open my mouth,
when they persecute me and walk over my face?

My Lord, My God, and my Father,
I offer You voluntarily again my vows of fidelity to You,
to Your Beloved Son, and Your Holy Spirit,
wholeheartedly I offer You my vows.

I would rob my hours of rest and sleep
so that I may offer to my brothers and sisters
through You, their Rest in Your Heavenly Courts
should they be in need;
I shall offer them all that I received from You
and show them Your Love,
to save them too should they need it.

And for Your Son’s Body?
I would continue to share the Cup of Division
with Your Beloved Son, Jesus, to the last drop.
Cup of Division offered by men’s doing to Him;
oh, what would I not do for Unity!
and for restoring Your House.
I would eagerly tread in the same blood-stained Footprints of Your Son;
and in the trail His Cross traced in the dust,
I would place the Cross He Himself has given me.

yes! daughter, let the zeal for My House devour you; do all that has to be done without complaining and you will see that you were not running in the race for nothing; you are not exhausting yourself in vain;

I am with you and always will be; I, Yahweh, will give you enough strength to honour Me and gracefully accomplish your mission;

1 That is: all those who read the messages.

2 The manner in which God ‘contacts’ me.

3 What He had just told me.

4 When Jesus said these words He was as someone speaking to himself, looking the other way.

5 The Father replied.

6 The Holy Spirit answered.

7 That is: the Holy Trinity.

8 I then turned to the Father.