March 10, 1994

delight Me and write these words for Me:

“Jesus come, Living One come!
O Emmanuel forgive me,
take my weakness in Your Strength,
take my drought in Your Fountain
take my soul into Your Hands;
Perpetual Source of Love,
consume every fibre of my heart to love,
to praise and declare Your Name sublime;
make my spirit thirst for my Creator;
so that this dust which You fashioned into Your child,
becomes a vivid flame of love,
for You have the power of life and death,
Your glance has the power to melt iron
Your Jealous Love to make my life
be regarded as madness to the wise;
so, drive Your arrow again
and shoot at Your favourite mark;”

yes! I am not ruthless, but ever so compassionate and tender; I will indeed lift My arch and aim My arrows at My favourite target, how else would I leave any proof that I had been passing by? take My Mighty Hand and I shall help you glorify Me, but to be able to do this I need your consent again1 ….I need your abandonment, your will, your heart and your entire ‘yes’; once I have your consent, then My Will shall be done in you …. and you will glorify Me;

peace to you My child; I love you, My Vassula, love Me too as I love you, so that I can say one day:

“no one in your generation
has loved Me as you have loved Me ….”

come, I am your Teacher and from Me you will learn My rules; ic;

1 Renewal of vows.