November 26, 1993

(Malawi – Blantyre – Africa)

My Lord, Almighty One, You’ve said:
“And I, like a conduit from a river,
like a watercourse running into a garden,
I am going to water My orchard,
I intend to irrigate My flower beds.” 1

Your Spirit was moved by our misery
… and Wretchedness challenged Infinite Mercy,
Poverty provoked Your Majesty
to place aside Your Crown and lean all the way to her,
and her aridity made Your Eyes turn towards her…. You said:

“and see, My conduit has grown into a river,
and My river has grown into a sea;
now I shall make discipline shine out,
I shall send its light far and wide;
I shall pour out teaching like prophecy,
as a legacy to all future generations.” 2

And You, the Creator of all things, instructed me,
You became my personal Educator,
and You who created me fixed a place for my soul.
You said: Come and live in My Sacred Heart, your Abode.

And now, I have taken root in the middle of Your Heart,
You implanted me in Your Flesh, O Lord,
making me part of You for all Eternity.
What more can one ask?

allow Me, My flower, to instruct you; and everywhere I go, you will go, everywhere I tread you shall tread; I and you, together, united, bonded for all Eternity; I bless you for revealing to My children My Holy Face; I will help you, strengthen you and through you they will feel and see My Presence; in you they will see My Face;

have My Peace; I, God, love you;