October 6, 1993

Vassula, My child, I, Yahweh, give you My Peace; keep your eyes fastened on Me and you shall live; look, are you willing to renew your vows of service and faithfulness to Me?

I am willing to fulfil what I must fulfil,
Yahweh, my Lord.
I am willing to serve and be faithful
to my God Yahweh and Saviour.
May Your Kingdom come
and Your Will be done.

are you willing still to go to those to whom I send you and be My Echo?

Yes, I am willing, so long as I do not lose sight of You, my God.

I am always with you …. together I and you will walk, your hand clutched in My Hand; are you still willing to plant new vineyards and embellish those which have not been cared for?

I am willing Abba,
so long as the planting
is done by Your Hand
laid upon my hand to guide it.
I am willing to embellish Your vineyards
so long as Your warm Rays of Your Divine Light
shine on them.

I am before you to guide you, follow in My Footprints; I will reveal My Holy Face and I will shine on all of you; are you willing to irrigate My vineyards?

Yes, my Lord, so long as the water comes
from Your Own Springs.

the water will rise1 from My Own Springs, from My Throne and of the Lamb, and My vineyards will bear fruit, and their leaves will never wither; 2 I will watch over My new vineyards, My Eyes never leaving them; they will put out graceful shoots and their branches will yield fruit in abundance to fill every famished mouth; I will provide for all living creatures;

have I not said, 3 daughter, that My Word from a rivulet will widen into a river and that the river will start gushing and will grow and turn into an ocean, an ocean of Love? see how former predictions come true? have I not said that Wisdom will be your Educator instructing you, and that My Teachings will pour out on you like prophecy? have I not said4 that I, God, will form you and lead you in My Assemblies to witness for Me, the Most High? have I not said, Vassula, My daughter, that My Word5 will cover the earth like mist? have I not said, My child, that I will take you over the waves of the sea and over the whole earth and over every people and nation to proclaim My Love Hymn6 and glorify Me? exult in Me then! come and praise Me, child; see how all My former predictions7 have come true?

your Father is your Commander; I am the Commander of the Heavens and the earth; I am the Commander of the entire creation, stupendously great, no one and nothing surpasses Me; I suffice by Myself; offspring? …. My own, no one can equal My glory; do you believe that I can overthrow kings and kingdoms, were these to become an obstacle for My Love Hymn? 8 I have promised you all these things well before they take place and today I tell you: I, God, will give you My Strength and a memory to retain all the Teachings you heard from Wisdom;

although violent accusations will fall on you like hailstone, do not be afraid, I will press you all the more to My Heart and protect you; Satan has taken to himself to wage war on you and you have become his supreme target, determined to stop you from prophesying; do not be afraid from his threats, I will help you, I will help you, so take heart! you will go by unhindered and the offences he thrusts on you using people, will only reinforce you;

I will work unexpected miracles in My Assemblies to remind My children that I Am; the Father they have forsaken has never forsaken them; I will remind them that My Presence saves and that My Holy Spirit, whom they have forgotten, gives them rest; I will remind My children that My Compassion does not go by unmoved, for I am Father to them; I will make their heart sing for Me, and they will realise that outside My Sanctuary their table is empty; they will understand that outside My Sanctuary they will stifle with sorrow and burdens; outside My Arms they will face Destruction and Death;

your generation is privileged to hear My Voice; I have opened My Mouth to speak and instruct the uninstructed; I am determined to give you My Peace and save you; I am determined to let you know I am Father and you – My seed;

today, the twigs of the fig tree are supple and its leaves are coming out; do you still not recognise The Times? how is it that so many of you cannot read and understand the Scriptures? how is it that most of you lost your perception? have I not said: stay awake? My children, today My Kingdom is offered to you, do not pass by it without noticing it; do not let My Kingdom overtake you either;

do not overlook My Love; come, I am always with you;

1 Analogy to: people (water) will resurrect spiritually by the Holy Spirit (God’s Spring).
2 The Vineyard represents God’s people. The Spring represents the Holy Spirit. The leaves never withering, represent: divinity and eternal life.
3 Way back in 1987 (March 20, 1987; May 20, 1987; November 5, 1987).
4 Back in 1986.
5 The Messages.
6 The Messages.
7 Most of the predictions were predicted in 1986.
8 The Messages.