October 11, 1993

Vassula of My Sacred Heart, write:

I am present and near you; I will tell you all the things I want you to write; allow Me to use your hand, My dove; daughter from Egypt, overflow like a torrent with My Message, overflow countries, towns and inhabitants, shout and no one will silence you; advance with My Blessing, daughter; sweep vipers and adders1 away, I will let you escape with your own life from their venom; I will watch over you like a mother that watches over her babe; speak! and fear no one;

tell them that the Prince of Peace, this God surrounded by cherubims, laid aside His crown and royal vestments to patrol the world barefoot and wearing sackcloth, 2 to manifest His grief; as I have treated you kindly and allotted you a place in My Sacred Heart so will I treat the rest of My children; from pagans I will raise loyal Levitical priests, and I will complete their journey with them;

courage, daughter! blessed are those who love Me, heaven is their home, blessed those who rejoice over the sound of My Step, they shall rejoice within Me; as I have renewed your life, daughter, likewise I will renew all those who will invoke, sincerely, My Name;

O God, You Yourself have chosen me
out of the land of oblivion, to be Your bearer.
By my name You have called me at Your service.
Here I am Lord, Educator and Gentle Master,
Holy Companion, Defender and Counsellor.
Ah Lord, Your Mysteries You have not concealed
nor Your Plans from me;
leaving Your Glory and Your Crown aside,
You stepped out of Heaven
to visit my wretched soul by Love.

No, You do not disdain the wretched nor the poor
in their misery and poverty,
but come willingly to their help.
You lead me daily to witness Your Glory,
and as a Torch that lightens one’s path,
Your Presence keeps me from falling.
To Your Banquet You invite me every day of my life,
to lavish my soul with Celestial Manna.
My poor heart You have grafted to Your Sacred Heart,
there You revive my soul to sing Loyalty to You.
You exult my spirit to proclaim fearlessly Your Word to the nations.
With Your right Hand clasped around my own,
You plant, You build: Justice and Fortitude.

Yes, the King of the Heavens and earth
plants virtue where there is vice,
peace where there is war,
unity where there is division,
love where there is hatred,
faith where there is godlessness,
hope where there is despair.
Holy is His Name.

You instituted Your Kingdom3 on earth,
anointing us and giving us new life for our soul.
To save us You were denied
what Your Lips entreated in Gethsemane,
but You answered when Your Father called You.
And now, my soul will live for You alone
and I will serve You alone.
I will proclaim the Greatness of Your Name
so long as I live.

you will proclaim Me to generations still to come, to show My Righteousness to a people yet unborn; no, I do not disdain the wretched nor do I neglect the poor, but I come to them with My Heart in My Hand, to show them that My Love is everlasting, and My Faithfulness enduring from age to age;

I have, in your days taken sackcloth to manifest My grief, the pillars of the Heavens tremble and My angels are struck with grief to watch this generation following the trail trodden by Satan; this is why I descend from My Throne to reach all of you; no, I will not neglect anyone; I will sit down with the wretched and they will not be afraid of Me; I will befriend them, barefoot, 4 and tell them that from the beginning they were never fatherless, and if they had never grasped the Celestial Laws it was because no one was near them to tell them; no one told them either they are the Almighty’s seed;

then around Me I shall gather them, 5 like lambs, close to My Heart and like someone who is about to reveal a secret, I will nourish them from My Lips: The Our Father; then I will tell them that LOVE is before their eyes; the Living Bread is the very One who sits among them, the One who lived and died for them is now speaking to them; the One whose Breath made the Heavens luminous and that through Him all things came to be is with them before their eyes;

I shall invite all the passers-by: “who is wretched and disdained by your society? let him step this way;” I shall leave no one hungry, no one poor, for My Blessings are riches and my Love satisfying; My ways are delightful ways, My paths lead to eternal Life;

I will instruct the wretched and the poor that their Father in Heaven is their Guardian, a saving God; I will remind them that they too are ranked as His children, and they could call Him: “My Father,” and if they ask: “where is Understanding to be found?” I shall say: “Understanding, My child, is avoidance of all evil;” “what about our wretchedness, what will You do to open our eyes?” they will exclaim; “the wretched? I will save by their very wretchedness and use distress to open their eyes;” then these wretches’ heart will melt and will ask Me to look after them as you have asked Me, daughter;

then out of all these, I will make a mighty people with the majesty of My Name; and when they will be rebuked and asked by the apostates: “why are you rejoicing aloud? how dare you proclaim God’s Word in His Sanctuary, you defiled lot!”

I will tell these apostates: “if these keep silence the stones will cry out even louder until they will deafen your ears; today, this very day, I am taking away from you My Kingdom and am giving It to this remnant, since you are not going in yourselves nor allow others to go in who want to; from now on I shall be their Counsellor and their King within them; I will from now on send them to the cities to proclaim My Love and pass on to others the Tradition I Myself have given to Peter and My disciples; since this remnant will be grafted on Me, they will clean My cities and put an end to transgression;”

I, God, bless you for hearing Me; Love loves you;

(Later:) 6

My command to you is: love Me, write down My Messages and go from nation to nation proclaiming My Words, be My Echo; those who have ears, let them hear, those who do not want to hear, let them not hear;

all that you undertake will be guided by Me and blessed so do not fear; time is short, act without delay, this is My command too; My Son’s Heart is broken and I cannot bear His sadness any longer; Vassula, little one, I, Yahweh, your loving Father and Abba will help you in this battle; walk with Me; the words you pronounce are not your words, they are Mine; every thing you do for My House glorifies Me;

remain in Me, because My children see Me in you and through you; I will give you the support you need and I will reinforce you so that with My Power in you, you may trample on the enemies of My House and with this accomplish your mission glorifying Me;

My child, return now to your duties, 7 and remember My child and My own, that I, God, your Father, am with you and in you; I, Yahweh, bless you with all My Heart;

1 ‘Vipers and adders’ are analogous to: wrong teachings, misinterpretations.

3 The Church.

4 Barefoot, an analogy to simplicity.

5 The wretched.

6 Later the Eternal Father spoke.

7 Household duties.