June 7, 1993

ah! there you are, disciple, I have been waiting for you; peace, daughter of My choice;

Jesus, I am holding Your Hand,
and in my ear Your whispers comfort me:
“Do not be afraid,” You keep telling me,
“I will help you,” and help I get.
You made my soul sing for You;
You used Your Finger to inscribe on my heart
the wisdom of all the Ancients; it delights You
to reveal the hidden sense of Your proverbs to me
and Your Heart rejoices to reveal me Its Riches!
But to give all that You have given me
I need Your Strength, Your Patience,
Your Wisdom, Your Humbleness, Your Love,
so that I never fail You in my difficult mission!

no task will be too hard for you, and no one will be able to subdue you, no worldly ruler will ever shake you, even after your death your body will continue to prophesy; all the work you do will not be in vain; I tell you, even if the Enemy will rage against you, I will engulf his attacks; so deliver My Message to purge this generation’s heart;