May 10, 1993

O Yahweh,
why are You so far from me again?
Relieve this distress of my heart!
Spare just a tiny glance for Your auxiliary slave!

Yahweh is My Name and it is Holy; 1 I give you My Peace; Vassula, your Father is speaking to you so that you, in your turn, repeat My Words to all nations, revealing My Holy Countenance, revealing all the secrets I have been whispering in your ear; I am revealing to the world My Mercy and My Love; I am coming to save the oppressed from the hand of the Oppressor and the Deceiver;

do not let your heart trouble you, My child; lift your downcast voice to Me again, you will pray and I, your Abba, will hear you! lift your eyes towards Me, My child, and learn that I am your Defence and your Shield! lift your heart to Me without fear out of the darkness and gloom surrounding you, I will not allow your heart to sink;

dearest child, you are not Fatherless, feel My Presence; I Am Who I Am is with you, so lift your spirit to Me with joy and delight at My Presence; rejoice, for My Holy Spirit, a True Intercessor and Advocate, will condescend your cause, so where are your oppressors aiming at?

Yahweh, my God,
my words have been frivolous,
but I can hardly pace
with the Step of Your Beloved Son, Jesus,
I fear to be behind in this work
and lose sight of Him!

do not fear, I want you to rely on My massive Strength; go in peace;

1 I felt a rain of God’s love pour on me…