March 19, 1993

(I was lingering this morning, then I saw the Lord and He said: “And when are you going to decide to come to Me?”)

Vassula, I, Jesus, give you My Peace; flower, tell Me, would a flower survive without water? no? I am the Living Water and it is I who keep you alive;

Sometimes Lord it is like You withdraw from me and leave me in the hands of Your and my persecutors. It seems like they have the power to put to death. Am I doing Your Will? Maybe I am not, maybe I am doing the opposite.

and do you believe I will permit it?

Sometimes You permit things that surprise us, and what we can only say then is: “Well, God has His reasons. God allowed it to happen and frankly for us it is a mystery.”

I am glad you are frank with Me; it is true that I allow certain things to happen but they are for My greatest glory; since I and you made a pact of Faithfulness, I will not permit anything to come between Me and you; I want to heal this generation through My Sacrifice and to My Joy I have found what I always wanted;

I was looking for an undivided heart and when I found your heart I decided to conquer it …. (courage,) I was out looking for an attentive ear and I found it; then, My Wisdom has always been given to mere children, as you know, this is why the Father took pleasure in giving you Wisdom;

Is this true?

(This was very spontaneous.)

do you doubt?


the Father’s Compassion is Great and although your behaviour was just appalling, He overturned His enemies inside you, and then made the scales of your eyes fall to see My Beauty, and I, with all My Heart exclaimed: come! come along with Me, I will prepare a table for you, you will hunger no more and I will share My Cup with you; My House will be your Home and together we shall be on the road to conquer an irreligious people; I will never hide My Face from you but you will also answer My demands;

restore My House with love1 so that everyone recognises in you My reflection; let every lip say about you: “truly they are God’s holy people”; and you, I solemnly tell you as I have said once before: if your hand or your foot should cause you to sin, cut it off and throw it away; it is better for you to enter into life crippled or lame than to have two hands or two feet and be thrown into eternal fire; open your hearts not your mind! open to your King, allow Me to enter your heart and I shall fill your heart with joy!

understand, My child, that your only weapon not to perish is prayer; I ask each one of you: who is truly seeking Me? who among you would want to share My Cup? Cup of Division, Cup of Dissensions? I am seized with pain; your Saviour’s Heart is lacerated so that it is beyond recognition;

when I will return how much faith will there be left? when I come will I find you, My friends, different from what I want you to be? will you still have the language and the Traditions I passed on to you? or will you be speaking like philosophers and preaching on a Tower of Babel?

tell Me, what has become of the Spirit with which I endowed you? – your yeast is the same one as the Pharisees’ and the Sadducees’; you talk of the Law but you do not carry It in your heart; My Law is alive! men of little faith! but you have made My Word null and void by means of your spirit’s reasoning; I tell you, your heart is as far from Me as the skies are from the earth, for you have neglected the weightier matters of the Law, love, repentance, mercy, good faith! who of you who preach in My Name truly loves his enemies?

My children, how hard it is to enter My Kingdom! My people, what have you done out of the Language of My Cross? for how long must I put up with fraudulent teachings or that abomination you are erecting in My Temple? see, today I am granting you to see wonders, 2 even the pagans are beginning to see them, 3 for once more I have taken pity on you; I, your God, am speaking to you today, do not shut your door in My Face …

Of whom were You speaking, Lord?

of those who share My table … and you, city of My predilection, do not fret and wriggle in My Hands; let Me govern you as I want to accomplish My Plan;

Love blesses you;

1 Jesus speaks to everyone.
2 The effusions of the Holy Spirit.
3 Revelations and apparitions to non-Christians.