December 17, 1992

Lord, Father and Educator of my life,
who disciplined my heart,
You who ravished my soul
with a single one of Your glances,
do not hide Your Holy Face from me,
return that I may contemplate on You;
O Jesus, come! come to us
where light itself
is like the dead of night!

your King is here …. pray with Me to the Father:

I consecrate myself
in soul and body to Your service,
so that Your Eyes and Your Heart
never leave me;

set Your Royal Throne inside me
and give me Your orders,
make me advance in purity of heart,
to accomplish all that You have given me;

daughter, I will complete this journey with you; do not be afraid; for your part, if you walk with Me at My pace, you shall not lack; if you turn away from Me, I will double your crosses to save you …. 1 whoever returns to Me, I shall not turn him away; listen to My Heartbeats so that their sound spare you any thought of rebellion; I, Jesus, bless you;

1 I understood that if I will not follow Him, He will also leave me and with crosses only. Seeing that I misunderstood Him, He added the following sentence.