May 1, 1987

I, God, will give you enough strength to enable you to accomplish My Works; deny Me never; do not seek your own interests, but My own; leave Me free to use you and descend on earth through you manifesting My Word, until I come to deliver you;

Vassula, I will predict your end; all of My chosen souls never feared this hour; I will reveal to you five more of My mysteries, come now and kiss My five wounds;

(I did. First His Hands, then His feet, then His side. Nevertheless I do not yet understand what Jesus means by five mysteries coinciding with His five wounds. But I know that when the time is right, He will let me know. So I learned not to ask.)

Vassula I will tell you My secrets when you grow a little bit more; 1 beseech My favours and I will grant them,

My God and Father
I will ask You one thing which has a few clauses;
and that is only for Your interests and glory:
May Your Message reach the ends of the world
and draw many hearts to You.
May Your will be done and Your Holy Name glorified.
May Evil lose its grip and be crushed for ever.
This is what I wish now,
and every time You will hear my voice for a request
it will be none other than for Your Glory.
Any favour asked from me will be for Your Glory.
Any cry of help from me will be for Your own interests,
and nothing for me.
All the strength I will ask will be for Your interests,
God Almighty.

little one, place your feet into My footprints and follow Me;
it is I, Jesus,


I am; beloved, call Me Spouse and Father too; I love you; come let us work; 2 love Me fervently and amend for others who wound Me;

My God, I was thinking, how could I be like a dove flying above the ‘wicked world’ if I myself am wicked with sin, being in the same state as all the rest. I will be unable to ‘see all’ as You said, and ‘hear everything’, for I’m no better than the ones that wound You …

Vassula, be in Me; endeavour to attain purity; draw from My Purity which I offer; draw, sip from Me, absorb Me; I am Infinite Wealth and every soul can draw from Me;

Having given me so many graces I might become vain, and evil can tempt me easily!

I will always remind you of your wretchedness and the shadows of your past; I will remind you of how you denied Me and rejected My great Love, when I approached you, and of how I found you dead, lying among the dead in darkness and of how out of Mercy and Love I revived you, lifting you to My breast;

come, let us pray, say:

“My Father, lead me wherever
Your will wishes me to go
allow me to live in Your Light
and warm my heart,
that it may glow, giving warmth
on those who approach me,

blessed be Your Name,
for giving me all these graces
in spite of my nothingness,

blessed be Your Name,
for the Good You have done to me
and the Mercy You have shown me,
lifting me near Your Heart, amen;”

let us repeat;

remember that all the graces I am giving you are for My own interests; retain nothing for yourself; glorify Me sharing My happiness;

I wish that I will be able to glorify You and that the world may praise Your Name and their prayers reach You rising like incense, their praises resounding in Heaven at Your door like a knock.

Love will conquer evil;

love Me with all your soul and mind; let Me be everything; I, the Lord, will provide you till the end;

Then take me, even though I am nothing, and do as You wish with me. I am Yours.

come, let Me rejoice always hearing these words of total surrender; I love you daughter;

I love You, Father.

1 During the years, I’ve learned to penetrate into His five Wounds by the power of the Holy Spirit. These were the five mysteries.
2 Jesus said all this in such grace and serenity that only God can talk in this way.