October 9, 1992

Vassula, listen and write:

the devil and his angels are determined to expand their pernicious designs and make of the good things I am sending you, venomous alleys; I look to the earth with grief because many ignore the lessons I have been giving you and death is penetrating in many houses; yet many refuse to understand that evil draws evil; the world, My child, in its apostasy is self-destructing itself ….


I Am; yes, confide to Me, unburden your heart and tell Me; I am listening;

Why would that monk want to prevent me from coming to You in this way? I am happy to be in this way with You. You and I, alone; after all it is Your Gift to me ….

yes, it is My Gift to you and you are My Gift to all; I once said to Martha: “Martha! you worry and fret about so many things and yet few are needed, indeed only one; and it is Mary who has chosen the better part; it is not to be taken from her;” and so I am telling him or anyone who comes your way to forbid you from coming to My Feet, like now, to listen to Me, write, and be permanently together: “you worry and fret over many things I do not need! indeed, today I only need one thing:

a heart to heart conversation,
a prayer without ceasing
in adoration at My Feet,

unite your heart to Mine; this is the better part ….”

and you, My daughter, rejoice! for I have given you freely this Gift; it is not to be taken from you;