October 6, 1992

when Your words came to me, I devoured them.
You have given me this celestial Manna to keep me alive
and every Word You utter is my delight
and the saving evidence of Your Love.
Your Word is the joy of my soul,
the cup of my consolation and the ravishments of my heart.

The world has inherited nothing but Deceptiveness,
but Your Word from Your Mouth
disinherited the world and all that is within it.
Remember how I stood in Your Presence unlawful and naked?
and yet instead of decreeing a disaster
for my appalling and despicable behaviour,
Your utterance pierced these layers of thick dark clouds,
and as a king conquering a city, You conquered me
placing Your glorious Throne in me.

In the parched places of my wilderness
You sprang Your Fountain of living Water,
showing me Your favour and that from thereon
I will be allowed to walk with I AM.

yes, daughter, I have never commanded you to sin, realise who is speaking to you and in whose presence you are in! I showed you, and to all of you, My Heart; I am coming to uproot what the world has sown: deceit after deceit, a harvest of Falsehood! death is creeping below your doors and making its way in silence into your room, 1 making out of those dearly loved by Me, corpses, winnowing like sheaves left by the reaper, with no one to gather them;

My Body is scourged daily from the sins of the world and, My little bearer, your Lord, who speaks to you now, tells you: I thirst for love; love Me and console this Heart so unloved and so utterly misunderstood! pray for the sinners ….

Lord, our Shepherd,
come and gather Your lambs
one by one in Your Arms;
holding them near Your Sacred Heart.
All flesh is weak, my Lord, and You know it,
yet, among them there is a list of good men

Vassula, no man is good but God ….

then there is a list of generous souls
whose good works should not be forgotten.
I know that no one can glorify You as You deserve,
but in our weakness and for the sake of Your Love,
will you not hurry up Your Return, O Great One,
and renew the walls of Your Sanctuary?

you shall be rebuilt! 2

child, so favoured by Me, I have made you a threat to My enemies, these planters have done their planting and they will gather and eat their own fruit …. 3 speak!

Ah, Lord,
You have made the heavens and the earth
with joy and with great power.
You have created us with happiness
and loved us with an everlasting love.
Let even Your enemies yearn for Your Tenderness.
Shine in each heart and turn EVERY heart of stone to You ….

I shall pour out My Spirit on these too, My Vassula; the rebel shall turn into a devout servant, eager to serve Me, eager to worship Me; I shall display My Holiness in every heart and I shall feed them too with My sweet Manna;

come, live holy for I am Holy; we, us?

Yes, my Lord, we, us ….

1 I understood that room, means soul.
2 God, with great majesty uttered these words.
3 I had hesitated, and He stopped.