September 17, 1992

(Messages for those working for these messages:)

My child, trust Me; you are unable to lift your little finger on your own; all power comes from Me; reward Me now and offer Me your will; I am waiting ….


I, Jesus, tell you: you enjoy My favour, for you are under My authority; tell all those whom My Heart selected that I shall never fail them; the Spouse will provide their needs; let everyone see in them true witnesses, let everyone know there is truth in them by their way of sharing;

I am sending them out to face the world; they must abstain from carping criticism, so that their tongue does not kill them or divide them; not one of them has earned this grace, I, Jesus, offered them freely the grace, so no one should ask for money; the strong should support the weak, the rich the needy; as I have said, “there is more happiness in giving than receiving”; 1 I will give you enough to cover your expenses so do not ever put Me to the test; 2

be united in Me and among you, never give way to despair in your trials; do your best and I will do the rest! courage, pray so that you may not sink; reveal the Riches of My Sacred Heart and My Glory to the world; you want to be witnesses of the Most High? die then to yourself; you want to be one with Me? detach yourself from the world; you want to serve Love? follow My Footprints drenched in My Sacrificial Blood; 3

remember one last thing: to be set free from your human inclinations and weaknesses, ask My Spirit to help you; ask! and it shall be given to you; I am gentle and humble of heart and I know everything in your hearts, so ask My Spirit and My Spirit will come to your help; the Spirit now asks you to pray often this prayer:

neither death, nor life, no angel, no prince,
nothing that exists, nothing still to come,
not any power or height or depth,
nor any created thing,
will ever come to separate me from You;
I vow to remain faithful to You,
this is my solemn vow;
help me keep this vow forever and ever;

…. up daughter and thresh! let your thoughts be My Thoughts; abandon yourself to Me so that all you do will be done in My Spirit and according to My Mind; allow My Spirit to breathe freely in you and I will accomplish My Will in you; happy are you, My child, who meditate and allow My Wisdom to be your personal Teacher! for She will reveal to you many more secrets;

receive and give, give!

2 Jesus means that no one should owe money to anybody or to any place.
3 Here Jesus asks us for real sacrifice.