September 9, 1992

(Our Holy Mother.)

peace be with you;

tell My children of Russia that I Myself will train them spiritually; I am their Mother; I am the Woman of the Apocalypse; Russia, My daughter, be patient; the smell of death will not spread any more, indeed your sufferings are soon coming at an end, for the Lord in His Mercy will lift from you the shroud of death that had enveloped you so many years; your eyes, Russia, My daughter, are soon going to look on your King, your Saviour in all His Splendour, who is known by the Names: Faithful and True; your King is on His way of return; Russia, listen to Him:

(Our Lord now speaks.)

those who are far away will come and repent; they will rebuild My Church and I, for My part, will anoint each heart; and as someone roused from his sleep, Russia will rouse quivering with impatience to be consumed by Me; I will deliver you and place you as head of many nations; 1 foreigners will grow faint of heart upon seeing your beauty; your right hand will be in My Hand; I will lift you high above everyone else and I will perform My pleasure in you; your Maker with delight and great joy will display your beauty to His people, 2 to His angels and to all His saints; and the heavens will declare openly their joy; the vault of heaven will proclaim My glory at the four corners of the earth;

Russia …. you were dead, and I had put sackcloth on to manifest My grief and like a father mourning his child, I went about dejected and sorrowing; now I have selected you among many nations to manifest My Glory through you;

soon, your Holy Mother will topple Satan’s throne to the ground and crush the Serpent’s head; loss of children and widowhood at once will end; the dragon will be handed over to his fate and the world will have a period of peace; the Mother of all humanity will prevail in the end and I, the Lord your God, will triumph in every nation, in every heart and in every race; 3

(Later on:)

My daughter, the world is offending Me daily, lacking reverence to My Holiness; they misuse the freedom I have given them by destroying themselves; this generation has become an unsightly blot in My Eyes; they repay evil with evil, this is why I shall not spare this generation; no one can say I have not warned them, no one can say I have not been patient;

the earth soon will shake and with a roar the sky will vanish leaving everyone in total darkness and with great violence the elements of the earth, the mountains and islands will catch fire and wear out; every blade of grass will burn and in front of Me you will stand, disarmed, generation; the power is in your mouth to cry out to Me and repent; but you prefer to be homeless and err in sin, you prefer to live in deserts,

Lord, I feel your Sacred Heart so grieved. You will tell me to feel sorry for my brothers and sisters instead. I do but I also feel sorrowful for Your sadness for Your Heart is lacerated. With Your Grace, my Lord, You can turn anyone acceptable in Your Eyes. You can make us ready to do Your Will. I, who am, as You said, the least of least, have been entrusted with this mission with Your Grace, why not others? I have been given a free gift, Your Grace, why can’t others receive it too?

you are bold, Vassula, to inquire My Wisdom; 4

Perhaps I am bold, but it is because I know how Your Heart feels. It does not please You either, to punish us and abase us.

everything that comes from earth returns to earth; 5 the sins of your generation have pierced all Eternity, they have pierced My Heart; pray and intercede, My Vassula, that there will be still time to mark as many as I can with My Seal before My Day; for good and bad will suffer in these days;

1 Spiritually I think.
2 Jesus had a happy Voice and His Face had a happiness. He appeared as a father lifting up in the air his child.
3 This last passage means that all the peoples of the world would recognise Jesus as the Christ. The Lamb. Allusion to Rv. 6:15-16.
4 Majestically Jesus pronounced these words.
5 I understood that we are self-destructing ourselves by our apostasy.