September 7, 1992

Faithfulness is the essence of Your word,
and Your word is integrity itself.
Our life is in Your Hands,
and yet our liberty is ours.
It is Your Gift to us.
But what have we done with our freedom?
We used it to ensnare ourselves
and made out of it a destructive weapon for our soul.
We need Your Holy Spirit to intervene,
that ever-flowing Source of River water
let it gush now on us.

ah Vassula …. the paths of this generation will in the end be straightened and men will be taught faithfulness and integrity; just wait and you shall see …. as long as you live and there is breath in your body, I will shepherd you; I will keep instructing you in the fullness of My Wisdom; I shall guard you against stumbling; I, the Most High, have favoured you; be happy, soul, be happy! listen now and understand: there is no poison worse for the soul than the poison of blasphemy to My Holy Spirit; anyone who blasphemes against My Holy Spirit will not be forgiven; so be on the watch that you may not find yourselves blaspheming against My Holy Spirit;

that is why My Wisdom says to you; beware not to apostatise and reject My Holy Spirit of Truth who descends to you in these days to revive your lethargy; in My days on earth they hated Me for no reason, yet on the Cross I asked the Heavenly Father to forgive them; today if the world rejects My Holy Spirit of Grace and mocks Him, calling Him evil or foolish, they will find themselves unrepentant when My Day comes; you, who received a share of My Holy Spirit once, would fall from Grace and you shall not be renewed a second time; how would you since you would be unable to repent with your heart and I will be coming and will still find you unrepentant, with your heart hard as stone, dry and without fruit …. 1

I will have to cut you and throw you to be burnt;

therefore, in all truth, I tell you, open your hearts and understand how My Holy Spirit blows anywhere He pleases, and breathes freely in My envoys; recognise them by their fruit and do not be slaves of your mind;

every soul should know how mockery, jealousy, carping criticism, judgement and calumny opposes the Holy Spirit of Truth; you should be awake and praying not to be put to the test; I say this to you today: if your lips should cause you to sin, fast then with your lips2 rather than have your lips condemn you and your soul burn with agony; 3 you must love your neighbour as yourself; you will say now: but You have given us this command already; yes, I have, but have you followed it? pray and ask for My Holy Spirit to come and rest on you!

Vassula, let My Holy Name be always on your lips and in your heart; I am your Educator and My favour is upon you; console Me and let your heart be My heaven; realise who I am; pray with joy and I shall court you; praise Me and I shall envelop you with My imperishable Light; bless Me and satisfy My Heart and I Myself shall come to you and carry you across My threshold into My House; yes, just like a Bridegroom carrying his bride across the threshold, I too will come delicately with great tenderness and love and carry you to show you My Throne of Glory;

I have sent you My Holy Spirit from above to rest on you and teach you what you have never heard of, to save you and millions of others; remain near Me, My sweet disciple, our journey is not yet over, we still have a mile to go to teach the rest of My children the knowledge of holy things;

I shall deliver you to many nations to honour My Holy Name and on you will be written My Knowledge; I shall grant you to speak as I would wish you to speak; let now your heart rejoice and treasure what I have said to you, never fail Me; love Me and absorb Me;

I am Love;

1 Jesus suddenly stopped here then very gravely said the following words.
2 Jesus means to give a vow of silence.
3 Jesus means in purgatory.