April 27, 1987

Vassula, I am the Lord standing in front of you;

(Jesus was there smiling and making me feel His appearance. He was holding with His two hands His mantle, pulling it open showing me His Heart. His chest was lit.)

enter in My Heart, penetrate and let It engulf you, let My Heart enrapture your heart, inflaming it, leaving it ablaze radiating My Peace and Love; come, let us be together; allow Me to be your Holy Companion; are you willing, daughter?

(I feel unable to approach Him. Who am I to approach Him? I realised how unworthy I am. How could one even allow oneself to dare talk to God, we who are a bunch of ungrateful sinners, let alone ask Him favours, even less having ‘conversation’ with Him! We are so lousy and unworthy that it makes me feel sick. I feel like taking a tape over my mouth. And in His presence where I was, I put a veil between Him and me out of respect, with my mind, for His presence. )

daughter, what have you done? 1 why daughter, why?

To respect You, Lord.

I want you to eat;

(I saw in His hand Bread.)

take My Bread, little one, you will have to take away this veil to take My Bread, come;

I will take away the separation …here take My Bread, approach;

(I did; I took from His hand His Bread.)

do you realise how delighted I am feeding you?

(Jesus was full of Love and happy.)

Can you feel My happiness, Vassula? bring forth your weaknesses and your wretchedness that I may annihilate them in My Strength and My Mercy; little dove, fly freely but always return to Me and have My Bread, I love you;

I love You too, Lord.

(After this for a whole day I felt His love on me, what can I call it? ‘Ecstatic state’? By being in that way I felt His Presence even more than usual.)

(Later on:)

you have seen My Holy Sanctuary where we penetrated and I let your eyes see how My Holy Sanctuary is guarded by My Seraphims; today I will show you what I have inside My Holy Sanctuary; can you see this strong Ray shed on My Holy Writings?

Yes, Lord!

they are My Holiest Writings written before I created you; My Holy Book holds the secrets and keys to My Heavens and the whole of My Creation; near My Holy Book I have placed two archangels guarding ardently My Holy Writings; come, I will show you more of My Glory, little one;

(God took me in a place where I felt uneasy.)

do you see this mountain of fire?

(It looked beautiful but menacing.)

from its side flow two of its rivers, they are all out of fire;

(It looked like flowing lava but clearer red.)

I the Lord shall part, on the day of My Judgement, the evil souls from the good souls; then, all the followers of Satan shall be cast in those two rivers of fire and thus punished, before the very eyes of the just; Vassula, I will let your eyes see more of My Heavens, for there are several more behind My Holy Sanctuary; creature, My Will will be done, for I am God, Yahweh Sabaoth, let Me free to act in you; we will work together with love, until I will establish My Works and when I do, I will come with My Holy Book again and will let you read in it a passage which you will write, thus sealing My Message of Peace and Love;

(In the middle of the night I was woken up by Jesus’ loud cry that came from the Cross. It was full of anguish, suffering, pain, sorrowful, and bitter. It sounded like a very strong moan! Dragging.)

1 Jesus appeared shocked.