April 23, 1992

My God,
Rationalism, Modernism, the Sects and Atheism
have invaded Your Glory,
they have desecrated Your Holy Temple
and defiled Your Sacred Name.
They have reduced Your Sanctuary to a pile of ruins.
They have left on their passage corpses of Your children
a prey for the vultures.
How much longer will You be away, Lord? For long?

Where are You? Apostasy is devouring Your sheep
and Rationalism is battering Your sheepfold,
in tenderness quickly intervene,
we can hardly be crushed lower;
help us, God our Saviour,
for the honour of Your Holy Name.
We are Your people, are we not?
The flock that You pasture.

How much longer, Shepherd?
Why hold back Your steps?
O pick your steps over these endless ruins:
Apostasy roared where Your Heart used to be,
determined to destroy all that came out of Your Hand.

My Shepherd
Loudly I cry to You,
our strength is running out,
so tell me, how much longer have we to wait?
The time has come to have Mercy on us,
hear our sighs, and let our cry reach You!

soul! I, your Shepherd, have leaned down from the heights of My Dwelling, have looked down at earth from heaven, to hear the sighing of My lambs, and to rescue those doomed to die savagely; as

My Word

has become a lamp to your feet, a light on your path, so will I spread My Word in every nation to englobe you all in My Transcendent Light, so that when you walk, your going will be unhindered, as you run, you will not stumble;

I love those who love Me, those who seek Me eagerly shall find Me! I have given you My Heart to love: so love Me and I shall do great things in you;

– little one, My Return is closer than you think, I am coming, My Vassula, to reign in every heart; I have listened to you; do not let your heart be troubled or afflicted, because nothing will come between you and Me; I ask you, My beloved and My bride, to have constancy and faith so that you grow in Me;

I bless you, live in Me;