January 31, 1992

No less than the height of heaven over earth
is the greatness of Your love for those who fear You. 1

come and absorb all that is Me; absorb Love; I am Love, yet I suffer loneliness because of the rejection of My Own;

My children have forsaken the paths of Righteousness, the Fountain of Wisdom; they are not listening to Our Two Hearts; but it had been said that the Rebel, that is the spirit of Rebellion, who “speaks words against the Most High and harasses the Saints of the Most High” 2 will challenge My Power; this spirit of Rebellion “considers changing seasons and My Law”, 3 look around you only and you will understand;

Rationalism and Modernism are the prime enemy of My Church because both of these lead to atheism; both of them want to devour the whole earth, but, My daughter, I will breathe My Fire upon these renegades so that the scales from their eyes once fallen, they may see what great disorder they have produced and what oppression they had put upon Our Two Hearts; I am going to pass through all of you;

for the Kingdom of Heaven is close at hand;

– come, write My next Message for all those who will assemble to hear My Word in Nice;


peace be with you; My Return is imminent and My Face will be revealed from Heaven against all the impiety of the world; so be prepared; everyone who proved to be false will see what fatal wounds they have given to their soul; I will come among you in Splendour and in Glory; the Spirit of Truth will be revealed in you to cleanse your soul; you shall see Me face to face4 and you shall see yourselves fully as you are known;

so come to Me as you are now, do not wait to be saints, come and understand what I seek most from you; I love you with an everlasting Love, I have offered you My Life taking your faults on Myself, I have reconciled you to the Father and I allowed the hands that I Myself formed:

– to crucify Me –

so what could I have done more that I have not done? – if you say you love Me, take My Cross and follow Me and do not look with consternation upon the other small crosses I place on your path; love has no limits; love endures with patience whatever comes; love is not resentful but delights in the Truth and whatever the Truth offers; love is forgetful to calumnies said about you; so seek love, bless your enemies;

I want you holy, but, My beloved ones, you are still so very far from perfection because the love of money is rooted deep inside this generation; dear children, do you really want to follow Me? then decide to follow My Footprints imbued still with My Blood; do not fear, My Footprints will lead you to Me in your Abba’s Arms; They will lead you to Him who held you first; have confidence and rely on Our saving Love; I tell you:

in the end Our Two Hearts will prevail

take My Hand, daughter, do not fear, I shall take care of you; I Am is with you;

(Later on:)

O Abba, if Scriptures say:

“Much hardship has been made for man,
a heavy yoke lies on the sons of Adam
from the day they come out of their mother’s womb,
till the day they return to the mother of them all.”5

Then, my Lord, You have said also to me in one of Your Messages for Our Heavenly Mother that She is the Second Eve, thus taking the place of Eve and what I discover again in Scriptures is that It confirms once more that Our Blessed Mother, Mary, is the Mother of all humanity.

daughter, you have given ear to Wisdom and My Own Heart is glad and My Soul rejoices when from your lips comes the Knowledge I have given you; remain a nothing and allow Wisdom to instruct you; remain in My favour and do not fear the fiery wolves; do not fear them, My child; 6

O Abba,
You are shaken by terrible sights
coming from us, Your children;
godlessness, hatred, Satanism, abortions,
greed for power even in the Church, injustice etc.
and yet You came to me portraying the godless
to save me from destruction;

Your Graciousness
which is a torrent of blessings came upon me.
You offered me Your Friendship
and became my Holy Companion and my Friend.

Before the Truth and Your Covenant you made me stand.
O how bitter it is to feel Your Heart so sad,
breathing in me Your Passion, uttering sighs of sorrows.

I am profoundly sad, daughter; but do not weep for Me, weep for your brothers and your sisters, because sin devours them like cancer; reserve your tears, daughter, for them; Vassula, your wounds are nothing compared to My Wounds; pray for them before My Finger touches the earth and melts it; I know you are delicate and faint but have I ever abandoned you?

prophesy and reveal My Heart to all races and all nations;

4 That is: spirit with Spirit.
6 Something between me and God.