January 20, 1992

(For the Swiss group.)

this prolonged silence from My part1 would not have lasted had I been approached with love; how can they claim they love Me when they have no peace nor any love among them? like a wasting sickness sin devours them; My Magnificence has not penetrated them nor has My Splendour;

I came to water their aridity with My Tears; I came to console them, yet have I received any in return? their cities2 are empty with emptiness and rubble today; like drought in a dry land they became; My Word has come to their ear, yet they did not hear it; My Throne of Grace approached them and offered them My Peace and sound Teaching from Wisdom Herself to set them free and yet, they did not share it with faith nor love; anyone who claims to be in the light but hates his brother, hates Me; the original request which was given to them in My Message was

love, peace, unity
and reconciliation among brothers;

now all I have to say is:

examine yourselves before Judgement comes; you have very little time left now; pray and avoid all evil; never condemn or judge one another; set your hearts for Me; set your minds on Me; stay awake for the cleansing time is soon upon you;

be filled then with My Spirit of Love, so that your sins will not suffocate you;

(Later on:)

Vassula, be on your guard; many claim they hear Me and are carrying projects but they are not Mine; they make plans, not inspired by Me; remember, you will be approached by those who do not consult Me; they rave with prophecies that are not pronounced by Me; you have already heard and seen it all; they announce month by month what will happen to you next; let them come forward, do not be afraid; I shall cover you My child;

(Later on:)

Jesus, let Your Holy Face smile on us,
and we shall revive.
Our division devoured us like fire;
since You alone perform marvels,
bring us together,
and let men renounce their folly;
Your Plan is to unite us
by unifying the date of Easter,
thus bringing us reconciliation,
I am calling for Your Divine Help.

My child, bear joyfully My Cross, praise the Father for His generosity; hear Me: the wicked may hope to destroy My Plan of Unity but they will be heading for their downfall; when I proposed Peace, universal Peace, nearly all were for war; how can I take up their cause to defend them when My Father’s Hand raises upon them? the net they have spread now will catch them inside; what could I have done for all of you that I have not done? I have taken your faults on Myself, I have reconciled you to the Father, and My Life, I laid down for you, so what could I have done more that I have not done? –

Vassula, of My Sacred Heart, rejoice Me and allow My Spirit in the inner room of your soul; allow My Spirit to breathe and dwell in the depths of your soul; leave Me free to shatter all impurities and imperfections that confront Me; My Vassula, although your soul will leap like on fire every time I will lift My Hand to shatter all that still keeps you captive, do not fear, do not run away in horror; allow Me to uproot in your soul all these infirmities; I shall come like a tempest inside you and carry out the decision of My Heart – and that is your preparation for our perfect union;

I had said in the beginning that you will be My Net and My Target, but then you had not understood the latter; you had not understood that in order to prepare you for this perfect union, I need to purify you and adorn your soul; I would have to bend My bow and set you as a target for My arrow, oh what will I not do for you! no, it will not be without wounds and torments, but then do not fight away the Holy One;

allow My Spirit to augment in you, and My Divine Fire roar in your soul; you will be molten under the action of My Divine Fire; do not lament then when I come to you like a hammer shattering your imperfections, do not ask your Holy One “what is He doing?” I am on My way to the inner room, My dwelling place, and persistent blocks will not stop Me from proceeding, I shall burst them all with a tempest, I shall devour these rivals;

O Lord, go in moderation!

I want to bring to completion your purification; therefore, do not restrain Me from proceeding, you are so dear to Me; so let My Tenderness envelop you, refuse Me nothing, soul; I want to make out of you a docile instrument, since My Presence will be felt inside you like a fire, and like an arrow; do not fear, I shall not break you, I shall only break My rivals; I shall only be combating inside you; I shall also be mindful of your frailty; I have formed you and ordained you for this mission to be My Echo, so allow your King to rule over you, allow your Sovereign to reign over you; nothing will escape My Eyes, every little impurity will be sieged by My Purity and annihilated, and My Light shall continue to glow inside you, and My Spirit shall flow in your spirit like a river;

so seek My Holy Face untiringly and you will understand that I Am is smiling on you;

(Later on:)

peace be with you; hear Me, daughter: have you looked around you? what have you seen?

I have seen upheavals and even greater divisions to come among us, before UNITY. I cannot see the end of our struggle to unite, nor the end of atheism.

My Soul, arbitrator of your generation, has witnessed much more than upheavals, divisions and atheism; I tell you, many are plotting against Me; in My Own House this very minute I hear them conspiring, but soon, the islands will tremble on My Day, and although this generation will wail, I shall not listen; Heaven’s door will be shut in that Day; and the earth, naked, will groan like a widow, bereft in her sorrow;

My Heart turns over inside Me and is sick already from the pitiful sound that will ring out from you, generation; indeed, I shall not be gloating over you, since I take no pleasure in abasing and afflicting the human race; once more there will be poured on you, but as never before My Holy Spirit, from a faint flickering Flame, My Fire shall roar and renew you all; then, like a man entering a conquered city, I, the Lord, shall invade you with My Glory and ecclesia shall revive;

Justice will prevail in the end; and you, daughter, do not fear to cry out for Me; do not be afraid of men, especially those who oppose you; be happy, daughter; I can read the innermost parts of these men and My jealous Ear overhears everything; they think they know everything, but they know nothing;

daughter, I prayed for you to the Father, to consider your frailty; Vassula, try and understand the Father; frail you are, but I have rooted you well inside Me, so that you may not swerve or sway when violent tempests come from time to time upon you; you are His offspring, and this is why out of His Jealous Love and His Generosity He allows such oppositions; have you not heard how He renders, through suffering, souls to perfection and that suffering is part of your training?

so be patient, daughter; be generous too and do not shudder and complain for nothing; do not weary labouring, follow the marks of My Blood I have left behind for Eternity; those who follow these marks will enter into My Kingdom; learn that the Father is not ruthless but ever so gentle with you; Wisdom loves you; therefore, daughter, observe the Commandments, live according to the Gospel, have Me as your Holy Companion and pray for My priests who represent Me;

1 Jesus had eclipsed Himself for some time in Switzerland.
2 Souls.