January 18, 1992

(First day of the week of unity)

Give us, Lord, Your discerning Spirit,
To gain Knowledge and Wisdom,
Give us, Yahweh, the ear of the humble and the lowly
to search for Your Knowledge and Wisdom.

Give Your Church her triumph
by uniting us all in one Body.

evangelise with love for Love; live for Me, breathe for Me; all that I have said to you shall soon take place; you shall see more wonders through Me; the panoply is not yet worn by My Church; the crown of triumph soon will be worn, adorning Her victory; – I love you for giving Me your time, and offering it so generously to Me;

We love you; 1

it makes Me happy to know that you want to share My Work with Me; have My Peace;

1 The Holy Trinity spoke.