October 29, 1991

My God!

I Am; alone you are not; I am present and with you; Vassula, allow Me to speak to you, have faith in Me, I am near you, come, concentrate and meditate on Me; work for My Glory, daughter, tell them1 in this way:

“blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven;” you are all very precious to Me, pray more than ever before and I will supply the wretched, I will heal the blind and teach each one of you My Law from the stranger to your own;

Love loves you;

(This is a preliminary message, as an introduction for my whole trip in England.)

(Later on:)

Vassula, be constant in your prayers; I love you, My child, and oh! do I know your weaknesses, daughter; bring My children to the real faith, bring everyone to Me; this is part of your mission too;

ah My child, be fervent for Me, your Lord;

My Lord, not everyone listens to these messages when I proclaim them. Is it possible that they have not understood? I am not only talking for myself I am also talking about the present apparitions and about others You’ve used as Your instruments in a supernatural way.

I will put it to You directly: how many in the high hierarchy today lend an ear and are positive? How many?

and how many of the high priests and scribes lent an ear to Me and were positive, only yesterday? – Vassula, there is a remnant chosen by grace to believe; Scriptures say: I revealed Myself to those who did not consult Me, 2 yet from the very beginning I have invited everyone to My School;

My Holy Spirit
is your Guide, your Husband3 and your


I tell you truly that soon I will gather all nations in a circle of Love and My Spirit will dwell in you giving sight to the blind, since the Light that will be given you is: My Transcendent Light; but how hard it is for those who have accumulated riches in their spirit to penetrate into My Light! how hard it is for the wise to penetrate into the Spirit and perceive Its depths! how hard it is for them to enter into My Kingdom! I tell you solemnly, the rejects of your society and those you call unworthy are making it before them;

yes! those who could not tell good from evil, those who could not tell their left hand from their right! I have been and am still inviting everyone to sit at table with Me, but many have not responded to My invitation, they laughed and scorned at My Gracious Call and caused others who wanted to come, stumble by their teaching; compare all this with My parable of the wedding feast; 4

I will come back5

and they will tremble; they will tremble when they will realise whom they were rejecting all this time; they renounced My Spirit and allowed themselves to be guided by their own spirit, they renounced My Light for their own, they renounced My Heavenly Knowledge given by Wisdom for a second-rate philosophy and their own rational knowledge;

they have apostatised

since they have rejected My Spirit, My Light and My Knowledge; I shall take away My Kingdom from them and give it to a people who can produce its fruit; I shall then welcome these people as My own and ask them to come with Me and keep house with Me; in fact this hour is here already; I have decided to draw near Me the disreputable, those that hang around on every street corner, the unworthy, the nothing of the nothings, the wretched and those who never knew My Name; I will turn to a wretched lot who never loved Me and make a nation of Love out of them, a holy nation, and they will glorify Me; they will be called priests of the Living God, priests of the Amen, and in this priesthood I shall rebuild My Church, in these hearts I shall unite you all, and My Body will rest; the hour is here, and no one can stop this hour of My Holy Spirit;

when you will see the world disintegrating under your feet, when you will look to your left and see tottering kingdoms and cities reduced into a heap of dust, and to your right mountains tumbling, know that these signs are the beginning of the outpouring of My Holy Spirit; when you see My pupils, whom I Myself have formed, preach fearlessly in My Name, do not disrupt them; resist your temptation and discern the sound of their footsteps; I will keep sending you these saints to gather on their way all the severed members of My Body, and no one, not even the unclean spirits would be able to stop them; these will instead fall down before them because they will know that the Amen is their Master;

the Amen is soon with you, My child,
He who is your Consoler
and whose Home is in inaccessible Light
will eventually plunge you into His Light
and absorb you;
– I am Love –

Blessed be Your glorious and Holy Name,
praised and extolled for ever.

1 The people I would be meeting in England.

3 Allusion to Is. 54:5.

5 Second Pentecost – the outpour of the Spirit: Jl. 3.