October 24, 1991

Lord, allow me to serve You.
This is my due to You now.
You are known for Your Mercy
and I know that if I cling to You,
You will not just shake me off;
I know You will rescue me.
“I have only to open my mouth for You to fill it” 1
Please feed me with Your Manna. 2

remain in My favour; I am not a God who cannot be moved; My Heart is filled with Compassion and I allow Myself to be touched; come, I am your shield in these times of battle;

I am numbered among those who are violently attacked by Satan.
How can Your people hear of Your marvels in the dark?
The devil wants to paralyse all Your Plan!
For how long yet Your Righteousness will lie in a land of oblivion?
Show now, Lord of Mercy and of Justice,
that You are our help and consolation.

you need not fear; in the end Our Hearts will prevail; I will show everyone how I can save; Scriptures have to be accomplished; you see it is written3 that the beast that comes out of the Abyss is going to make war on the Two Lamps that stand before the Lord of the world, those Two Witnesses who represent My Body and are My Body, those that have proven they are My servants, by their great fortitude in times of suffering, trials and persecution, those who carry My Word and are My mouthpieces, and those who have been given the Truth to be as angels and an echo of the Word, since they have allowed My Spirit to be their Guide, giving each one of them an Elijah ministry;

the appeal that they make in My Name is in fact My appeal through them, they raise their voices to remind you of My Law, like Moses on the mountain at Horeb, but it is I, through them, that speak, and although for the people of the world these Two Prophets4 will appear as overcome by the Enemy, I shall breathe life into them and they will stand up;

“for as the earth makes fresh things grow, as a garden makes seeds spring up, so will I, the Lord, make both integrity and praise spring up in the sight of the nations”; 5 I will transfigure your wretched bodies into copies of My glorious Body; then you will see a new heaven and a new earth sprout up; the first earth and the first heaven shall disappear, that is: the old City known by the symbolic names Sodom and Egypt, for My Word was crucified again within her, 6 because the people of the world did not recognise Me again, although I came to My own Domain, My own people again did not accept Me but treated My Holy Spirit as they pleased, allowing the Beast to make war on those I have sent;

these two cities in one, Sodom and Egypt’s rejection they had of My Messengers and the total deafness similar to the stubbornness of Pharaoh; these cities will be replaced by the New Jerusalem; from Sodom and Egypt you shall be called:

– New Jerusalem –

City of Integrity, City of Holiness; and when this will happen, the survivors, overcome with fear, would only praise Me; 7

the earth now is pregnant and in labour, My child, crying aloud in the pangs of childbirth; but the time of waiting is very soon over; I am already breathing on you, creation, reviving you one after the other, purifying you all; so if anyone has objected, he has not been objecting to you, but to Me, I, who have given you My Holy Spirit of Truth; and if they recrucified anyone between the two cities by the symbolic names Sodom and Egypt, they recrucified My Word; but after three-and-a-half days, 8 My Two Lamps will give out a brighter Light, because it will come from the brightness that surrounds the Spirit; so have hope, My child; the pledge of My Spirit is for your times;

you are part of My Household, ecclesia shall revive;

(Later on:)

(Message for the Philippines:)

peace be with you; tell My people to reflect upon My Law; write:

– I am reconciling the world –

tell them that it is I, Jesus; should they ask what is My Message for them, tell them:

– I am coming to reconcile you to My Sacred Heart –

and in reconciling you to Myself, I will ask you for the sake of My great Love to reconcile with one another; I intend to reconcile the world to My Sacred Heart and thus make a new creation out of you all; 9

this is the pledge of My Spirit;

I tell you solemnly, he who sows the seeds of self-indulgence will reap a harvest of corruption and when he faces Me in the Day of Judgement I will tell him:

“go! away from Me;
go to the Corrupt one who corrupted you!”
unless I hear a cry of repentance

the smell of death that leads to death will continue to rise all the way to heaven, I want no more of this, what I desire from you is:


I desire you to be like an incense bowl filled with incense, on an altar, beloved children, let your country be transformed into a huge Altar offering Me the fragrance of incense; I want you to live holy since I am Holy; each day I stretch out My Hands towards you to lift you to Me;

I have shown My Love for you through ages and today again, like a shepherd rescuing his sheep from the lion’s mouth I come to rescue you from the Viper; I shall in spite of your appalling wretchedness not overthrow you as I overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah, I know how oppressed your needy are and how the poor are crushed daily; I know too how miserable you are and oh! I know your crimes … and they are many; due to the violence done to your sons, the innocent blood shed in your country is great!

your misfortunes acquired from sin have challenged My Mercy and for the sake of the greatness of My Love I call your people today together; summon everyone under My Holy Name and tell them that I do not put anyone on trial, neither do I come to menace you; tell your people that I shall outpour My Spirit of Love upon them; like a veil from above I shall spread over your country and like mist My Spirit of Love shall envelop you, and penetrate even from the hinges of your doors and windows;

your people will not be disappointed of My Visit; I shall with My Purifying Fire devour corruption and like a reaper I shall put in My Sickle and cut this harvest of evil, tie it together into a bundle and thrust it into the fire to be burnt and in its place I shall sow seeds from Heaven: seeds of Love; this is your Lord speaking, this is the One who loves you more than any man can understand;

it is I, Jesus, your Saviour,

at your doors now; and I tell you again: come! come to Me, you who are oppressed, I shall comfort you and console you, come! come and have all the Treasures of My Sacred Heart; the Kingdom of God10 is among you, you only have to step inside it; My House is your house; I have opened the door to My Kingdom for everyone; come, do not be tempted by violence any more, repay evil with love –


how else will the Father forgive you if you are not willing to forgive? eat from My fruit and not from the fruit of My enemy, for the children of darkness are wicked in dealing even with their own kind because Evil is their master who teaches them to be like him and the man who is dishonest in little things will be dishonest in greater things too; call together your friends and pray; I shall hear your prayer:

every repentant sinner will be heard
in Heaven

I, Jesus, bless you all, leaving the Sigh of My Love on your forehead;

2 The Holy Spirit.

4 The spirit of Elijah and Moses : the spirit of prophecies.

5 Is. 61:11.

8 Rv. 11:11. Symbolic number.

10 That is, the Church.