October 22, 1991

dress me in humility, purity
and observation to Your Law,
for this will please the Father.

peace be with you; for this I tell you:

be like the publican;

for many of you condemn your neighbour, forgetting how only yesterday, you too, were locked in the same sleep; do not say: “I have made my house tidy and ready for the Lord; He may come now to me anytime; I am ready to receive Him; I am not like my neighbour, who does not fast, does not pray, but goes on living a wicked life;” receive your sight I tell you, your lips have already condemned you; cure yourself first and do not condemn the others who do not know their left hand from their right hand; come to Me like the publican and ask Me to be merciful to you, the sinner, 1 for you are all subjects to sin; Temple! rise and serve Me your God, by helping the widow2 you will be serving Me;

go now in Peace, I am with you;

Glory be to God.

1 Greek Rosary.
2 That is, my mother. God made a point not to call her “mother” since the only Mother we have is our Blessed Mother. I’m supposed to leave and go food shopping with her.